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Adaptive resurrection
Adaptive ressurection.jpg
Noah Gray dies, but not for long.
Held by: Noah Gray
Ability to: Rise from the dead with adaptions

Adaptive resurrection is the ability to resurrect oneself after death while adapting defenses against the cause of death. The adapted defense manifest in other abilities.



Noah Gray

Noah Gray's ability is first demonstrated when he appears, in perfect health, at ground zero of the Costa Verde Disaster. Noah is effectively immortal. He will revive after any type of death. He does not adapt any defenses against non-lethal injuries.


  • Elle, Noah's mother, has a body that surges lethal amounts of electricity inside and out, including her womb. Angela Petrelli theorized that Noah's first resurrection would have occurred shortly after fertilization, allowing him to adapt electrical absorption. This is proven when Elle realizes lethal doses of electricity into Noah and he is unaffected.
  • Noah died a second time when Knox throws Gabriel and a table onto him, killing him. Moments later, his father, overcome with grief, explodes. The combination of these caused Noah to adapt super strength and epidermic durability.


  • This ability was inspired by the D.C. Comic Superman villain Doomsday[1].