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Animal empathy
Animal Empathy Title.jpg
Juana Gris incites a spider monkey's fury.
Held by: Juana Gris
Ability to: Affect animals' emotions

Animal empathy is the ability to sense and affect the emotional state of animals.



Juana Gris

Juana Gris has demonstrated the ability to send various feelings, both positive (kindness, trust), and negative (fury) into animals ranging from near-human (spider monkeys) to insect (mosquitoes). She has shown the ability to affect large groups of animals. She has not demonstrated the ability to affect the emotions of humans.


  • Juana Gris used her ability to send feelings of kindness and trust into a frightened spider monkey. Later, she send feelings of fear into the same monkey, then a tribe of monkeys, though she could not overwhelm their fear of fire. She also sent similar feelings of fury into a swarm of mosquitoes.