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Empathic telepathy

Daniella knows what this agent's feeling.
Held by: Daniella Parkman
Ability to: Sense and create emotional sensations in others

Astral projection is the ability to sense and create powerful emotional sensations in the minds of others.



Daniella Parkman

Daniella is able to sense a person's emotions, both on the surface and deep in their psyche, as well as "push" emotions into people. She has made warlords weep and filled serial killers with overwhelming guilt. Because of her ability, she feels a deep love for all people, knowing them as well as a close friend and a lover.


  • Infant Daniella floods Molly with emotion.
  • Daniella pushes feelings of joy and comfort into Hannah Petrelli and Noah Gray.


See Also

  • For the related ability to sense others' emotions, see empathy.
  • For the similar ability to manipulate and control other people's emotions, see empathic manipulation.
  • For the similar ability to induce positive or negative sensations, see bliss and horror.