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Hannah Petrelli
Portrayed by Kay Panabaker
First appearance The Moments to Come
In-story stats
Known abilities Empathic mimicry (lost)
Known mimicked abilities:
Rapid cellular regeneration,
Electrical manipulation,
Enhanced sight,
Enhanced hearing,
Enhanced strength
Formal name Hannah Alexandra Petrelli
Aliases Hannah Butler,
Hannah Gordon,
Hannah Bishop,
Hannah Strauss
Nickname Pollyanna
Age 16 (in 2029)
Date of birth December 22, 2012
Place of birth Odessa, TX
Home Manhattan, NY,
Midland, TX (former),
New Orleans, LA (former),
Barstow, CA (former)
Ikitsuki, Japan (former)
Residence The Petrelli Mansion
Occupation Intern of the Company
Parents Peter Petrelli,
Maria C. Rossi
Grandparents Paternal Grandparents:
Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli
Guardian Claire Bennet
Other relatives Uncles:
Gabriel Gray,
Nathan Petrelli (deceased)
Elle Gray,
Tracy Petrelli
Noah Gray,
Claire Bennet,
Andrew Petrelli,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli

Hannah Alexandra Petrelli is a character in The World Entire universe. She is a Special and the daughter of Peter Petrelli and Maria C. Rossi. Currently, she is interning at the Company headquarters in Hartsdale where father and "Aunt" Claire work.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Hannah is born in the last moments of Volume One, on December 22, 2012, at the Medical Facility of Primatech Odessa, to an unknown woman. Because she is an mimic like her father, she absorbs his induced radioactivity and explodes, destroying the facility and much of Odessa.

Volume Two: Progeny

Hannah's birth ends up destroying Odessa, TX, including the Primatech Facility there. Because of their regeneration, Peter, Claire, and the still unnamed Hannah are the only survivors. Peter wanders the city with Hannah until he encounters Claire at a destroyed clothing shop. Together, they name the child "Hannah" after the angel Haniel, following his mother's wish to do so. They give her the middle name "Alexandra" after Claire's mother. Peter removes Hannah's radioactivity and takes her and Claire to Coyote Sands, where he and Claire will raise the child together, as they had previously planned. Hannah has reabsorped her father's radioactivity, destroying the reservation. Peter returns and takes the two to Ikitsuki, Japan. They raise Hannah there, checking into the Company in shifts, until 2015, at which point they feel Hannah is sufficiently in control of her abilities. Hannah moves with her dad and cousin to Barstow in 2015, under the name Butler; to New Orelans in 2021, under the name Bishop; to Midland in 2025; and finally Hartsdale in 2029, where Hannah, having graduated from high school early, joins the Company. Since she is not of legal age to be an agent, she instead interns in various departments.

Hannah sneaks out on a mission with Andrew and Will Pine, where she helps take down a drugged Gordon Hovey.

Evolved Human Abilities

Hannah had the ability to mimic the abilities of other Specials. She inherited the same ability as her father. Peter removed her ability to prevent her from absorbing his dangerous abilities. She however has retained a number of potent abilities.

Abilities Mimicked

Hannah mimicked all the powers that her father had mimicked, though some were removed from her by him for safety reasons.

Abilities Exposed To

Hannah may have these abilities, unless Peter removed them; she has not demonstrated them.

Memorable Quotes


  • Hannah's mother, Maria C. Rossi, is an unseen character. She is briefly glimpsed giving birth to Hannah and apparently dies due to the explosion. Peter is noticeably unaffected by this. At first, it seemed that Caitlin was the mother of Hannah, since Andrew mentions her, though Nathan and Tracy react as if this is a lie. Peter appears to rarely mention her, and keeps most of her personal details a secret from Hannah, who only discovers her name from a peek at her own medical file.


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