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Friction negation
Friction negation.jpg
Held by: Ray Lee Coulomb,
Tom Cruise
Ability to: Slide without friction

Friction negation is the ability to make oneself completely frictionless.



Ray Lee Coulomb

Ray Lee Coulomb uses this ability to glide effortlessly across surfaces. He also uses it to prevent air resistance. It does not seem like he is making his body frictionless, rather he exudes a field which negates friction, allowing him to make his clothes frictionless as well.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise demonstrated this ability in the film Risky Business. At the time, Tom was wearing only a white men's dress shirt, white briefs, and white crew socks. It is unknown whether this is required for the ability.


  • Ray Lee Coulomb used this ability to flee from Powered Legion soldier Monroe Auster, nullifying both friction and air resistence.
  • Tom Cruise used this ability in the film Risky Business to slide across a hard wood floor.