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May 2007

In That Very Moment

Hasn't Happened Yet

  • Elle harasses Gabriel incessantly throughout the halls of Primatech and even in Gabriel's cell. Her frequent electrocutions take on an increasingly flirtatious and then sexual nature. Elle's hatred of Gabriel for killer her father lessens with each session.

June 18, 2007

Hasn't Happened Yet

  • Elle discovers that she has forgiven Gabriel and the two finally have sex. They share an intimate moment afterward, where Elle for the first time genuinely kisses Gabriel, sparking him.

June 19, 2007

Two Auras

  • After conversing with an inmate with aura absorption, Elle realizes that her encounter with Gabriel might have left her in an indelicate state. After a visit to Angela's office to gain knowledge on human anatomy, and three separate confirmations, Elle confront Gabriel about her situation, who react knowingly.

Late June 19, 2007

Two Auras

  • Gabriel proposes to Elle, who after discussing the situation, accepts.

July 2007

Two Auras

March 18, 2008

Two Auras

Between March 18, 2008 and August 31, 2011

  • Noah Bennet refuses to allow little Noah to be named after him, but is overruled. He and his wife later die in the war between the Company and Pinehearst, leaving their house and their pet to the Gray family.
  • Gabriel resigns from the Company to raise his son. Elle remains employed by them. Noah grows up a normal child with two abnormal parents, happy.

August 31, 2011

Two Auras

  • Elle leaves for work early, leaving Gabriel in bed with plans to make waffles for his son later.

Madness in Love

  • After the explosion, Past Peter arrives at Redondo Beach café to find a despondent Gabriel mourning the death of his son. When Elle arrives moments later, equally troubled, Peter learns that the two of them are in love, married, and the parents of the boy he met earlier. Bewildered, the couple agree to tell Peter their story.

Rooting for Love

  • Peter, amazed by the story, declares that he will do everything he can to fix the timeline and prevent the disaster. Gabriel notices the telltale tic of his ability and apologizes for cursing him. Peter leaves, leaving the pair to remember better times.