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My Firefly

To lose a son...

My Firefly is a fan fiction series written by Creedog VanDrey. It is first part of his The World Entire series. It takes place in an alternate continuity between the episodes of The Butterfly Effect and I Am Become Death, including the Exposed Future.


Madness in Love

Peter Petrelli, after escaping from the Pinehearst Morgue (I Am Become Death), arrives at a Rodondo Beach, CA, cafe, just north of Costa Verde, where he finds Gabriel Gray, having survived the explosion in Costa Verde, grieving the death of his son. Peter tries to request Gabriel's help in saving the world, but Gabriel is too grief-stricken to care. Moments later, Elle arrives and embraces Peter, not realizing he's not "their" Peter. She moved Gabriel's side, exposing a diamond ring, and Peter surmises that she's Gabriel's wife and Noah's mother. Peter is perplexed by this strange coupling and Elle offers to tell their "fun" story.

"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."

– Friedrich Nietzsche

In That Very Moment

Back in 2007, Noah Bennet and Gabriel have just returned from a bag and tag of an evolved human with luminescence. Gabriel quips that Noah has yet to congratulate him on not stealing the man's ability and Noah reacts angrily. The conversation is interrupted by Elle Bishop, who immediately attacks Gabriel for killing her father. Gabriel puts himself in front of the blast and orders Noah away. Noah does not comply and pulls out his gun, which Elle also electrifies. Gabriel takes another hit and slams Elle against the wall and is about to remove her head when he watches a lone drop of blood from Elle's forehead, which he takes a moment to examine with his ability. He gives her the nickname "Firefly" because she's a "lightning bug." The realization that Elle will die from the procedure, unlike Claire, causes Gabriel to have a crisis of conscience and drop Elle. Elle uses the opportunity to attack him once more, but Gabriel taunts her about the death of her father and grabs a hold of her while she tries to electrocute him again. The struggle inside his body between her electricity and his healing is a religious experience for him. Elle finally faints from exhaustion and grief. Angela, impressed by Elle's fortitude, decides to rehire her, believing she has an important destiny. Gabriel carries her out of the room, awash in emotions for the woman.

"In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him."

- Orson Scott Card

Hasn't Happened Yet

For the next few months, Elle takes very opportunity to electrocute Gabriel. Both Noah, unsurprisingly, and Angela, surprisingly, seem to allow this to happen, giving her access to Gabriel everywhere, including his cell. Nevertheless, Gabriel does not retaliate and even teases her about it. Over time, Elle feels her hatred of Gabriel start to lessen, which she is uncomfortable with. Oddly, Elle begins to find herself kissing Gabriel during the "sessions", which she blames on him. The day that she realizes that she's forgiven Gabriel for killing her father, the two make love (presumably on camera). Afterward, they discuss the eccentricities of them having sex, including the tendency for Elle's ability to activate during climax and Gabriel's healing from it. Back in the present, Peter berates her for including these details. Elle kisses Gabriel, shocking him like always.

"Every time, Firefly?"
"No, I can absolutely resist. It just hasn’t happened yet."

- Gabriel, Elle

"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

- Mother Teresa

Two Auras

Elle skips along Level 3, checking on inmates, a punishment for poor behavior. She encounters Andrew Waitr, an elderly evolved human, who comments on Elle's "two auras." Elle thinks nothing of it until noticing his ability is aura absorption. When questioned about it, he comments that the second one is "swimming around her lady parts." She momentarily writes it off to lecherous senility, but then has a moment of realization. She retrieves an anatomy textbook from Angela's office to look up human reproduction, which confirms her suspicions. After receiving three more confirmations from a inmate with x-ray vision, an agent with pheromone detection, touch telepath agent, Elle confront Gabriel, who comments that he "can see how that would work". She angrily stomps away as he muses on the futility of contraception. A few days later, Gabriel presents her with a paper clip, which he melts, forms into a circle, freezes, and turns to gold, and attaches a diamond to it: an engagement ring. Elle accepts despite mixed feelings. They elope the next month at the courthouse, figuring no one would want to attend their wedding, with a pregnant-but-not-showing Elle in a traditional white dress. In lieu of wedding rings, Gabriel aurifies the appropriate area of his and Elle's right ring fingers. Despite Noah Bennets's protestations, they name their son after him. Sandra Bennet forgives Gabriel and gives the family the house in their will, which the Grays receive when she and Noah die during the war that has arisen between the Company and Pinehearst. Gabriel, refusing to use his abilities because of the hunger, is ordered by his mother to protect his son at home while Elle continues to work for the Company. They live a relatively happy life until one day when Elle goes to work early, leaving Gabriel with plans to cook waffles for breakfast.

"In spite of the six thousand manuals on child-raising in the bookstores, child-raising is still a dark continent and no one really knows anything. You just need a lot of love and luck--and, of course, courage."

- Bill Cosby, Parenthood (1986)

Rooting for Love

Back in 2011, Elle finishes her story as Gabriel lashes out by smashing his mug and burning the counter. Peter realizes that the couple is truly in love. Elle agrees, stating that it's either love or Stockholm Syndrome, and she's "rooting for love" before finally breaking down with grieve. Peter vows to fix the world, but Gabriel tells him to return to his own time, as their world is too far gone. Noting Peter's tic, he apologizes for giving him the hunger. Peter teleports away. Gabriel and Elle remember a better time: a normal day not too long ago when Elle arrives home to late from a dangerous mission she can't talk about and is greeted by her overprotective husband and loving son, who requests she uses her ability to make his hair stand up before he heads to bed.

"We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents."

- Henry Ward Beecher


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