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Victor Abano
Victor Abano.jpg
Portrayed by Kirk Acevedo
First appearance The Child in My Dreams
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Vic
Place of birth Los Angeles, CA
Residences New York, NY,
Barstow, CA (former)
Occupation Agent Trainer at the Company
Agent of the Company (former)
Significant other Sparrow Redhouse (wife)
Parent Unnamed mother
Sibling Unnamed brother

Victor "Vic" Abano is an original character in The World Entire universe. He is a human and an agent trainer with The Company in Hartsdale, New York.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Victor, a Company agent, and his partner Meredith Gordon are assigned by Angela Petrelli to retrieve a rogue Special from ground zero of the destroyed Costa Verde and are offered the rare Natural regenerator blood to protect them from radiation poisoning (The Child in My Dreams). They arrive and encounter the Special where the Grays' house used to stand. He tries to attack and Victor shoots his gun at him while Meredith flames him, to no avail before Meredith realizes that it's Noah Gray, who supposedly died during the Costa Verde Disaster. Victor is frightened about shooting at his boss's grandson (The Blood Between Us). They take Noah, now superhumanly strong to Primatech Barstow. Victor uses regenerator blood to heal from a scalding debris shower.

Much later, while in Longview, Oregon, Audrey Hanson tells her partner Sparrow Redhouse that Meredith and Victor will come by to pick up Hugh Ogden (An Irresistible Force). When Victor goes on vacation, Audrey and Meredith are assigned to be partners (An Unbreakable Loyalty). When Victor returns, he is assigned Sparrow as a partner, which he is very receptive to (Beckoning Titans). During the Hartsdale Offensive, Victor and Sparrow are an effective team against Flint Gordon and Piper Johanssen (The Moment of Conflict). After the Company is put under government control, Victor drops Sparrow off for agent training with Matt Parkman (The Moments to Come).

Volume Two: Progeny

Victor marries Sparrow Redhouse in 2015 at an outdoor wedding followed by a hectic reception surrounded by family. He and Sparrow are still married in 2029.

Memorable Quotes

"Thank goodness we don’t have to fill out shots fired reports."

- Victor on shooting Noah Gray (Second Chances)



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