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Sparrow Redhouse
Sparrow Redhouse TWE.jpg
Portrayed by Julia Jones
First appearance An Irresistible Force
In-story stats
Known ability Geokinesis
Age 40s (2029),
mid-20s (2011)
Home Hartsdale, NY,
Barstow, CA,
Albuquerque, NM
Occupations Regional Director of Primatech Hartsdale,
Field Agent of Primatech Barstow
Significant other Victor Abano (husband)
Sibling Two unnamed sisters

Sparrow Redhouse is a version of Sparrow Redhouse in The World Entire universe. She is a Special and the current Regional Director of Primatech Hartsdale.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Sparrow is partnered with the newly-hired Audrey Hanson, despite Sparrow being a fairly recent addition herself. Sparrow and Audrey get along well. Sparrow even explains how she went from former bag and tag to agent. She is disgusted with her friends and relatives using the Evolution shot for selfish gain. On their first mission against Hugh Ogden, Sparrow is badly injured. Audrey captures Ogden and calls an ambulance for Sparrow. Sparrow is put on desk duty by Angela, due to permanent damage to her shoulder. This assignment is temporary, as she is partnered with Victor Abano, who takes a liking to Sparrow, whose feelings are somewhat reciprocated.

During the Hartsdale Offensive, Victor and Sparrow are an effective team against Flint Gordon and Piper Johanssen (The Moment of Conflict). After the Company is put under government control, Victor drops Sparrow off for agent training with Matt Parkman. They appear to have begun dating (The Moments to Come).

Volume Two: Progeny

Victor and Sparrow marry in 2015 at an outdoor wedding followed by a hectic reception surrounded by family. They are still happily married in 2029, as he is seen to visit her.

In 2029, Sparrow has risen to the rank of Regional Director of Primatech Hartsdale. She is part of the leadership of the Level Six Project, though Molly Walker is the main point of contact. Sparrow does brief Noah Gray on the project.

Memorable Quotes

"Sparrow, would you mind if I asked what the feathers meant?" "Not at all. It is a sacred Hopi traditional dating back hundred of years. They represent the deep-seated belief in not being mistaken for Mexicans."

- Audrey, Sparrow


  • Sparrow was originally slated to die from her injuries in her first appearance as part of Audrey's arc about joining the Company. However, Christopher VanDrey, the writer of An Irresistible Force discovered that the storyline wasn't working; the character was extremely popular in her first appearance and it negatively affected the writing of Audrey's character, so her death was retconned away.
  • Sparrow's original ability was sound manipulation, but it was changed when terrakinesis to match Rebellion%2C_Part_1, which came out shortly after the episode aired. It has been listed as "geokinesis" on all supplementary materials, though, for unknown reasons.
  • Canonically, Sparrow is part Zuni Indian, but her heritage is explained as part Hopi in The World Entire. This has not been addressed. She wears the feathers seen in the Explosion Future as an agent but does not as an administrator.
  • Sparrow and Micah Sanders work together at the Company, much like they did with Rebel. No mention of this is made, as The World Entire universe exists separately from the canonical universe.


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For the canon version of this character in the present, see Sparrow Redhouse, and in the Explosion Future that was part of the inspiration for the character, see Sparrow Redhouse (explosion future).

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