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User:DocM/The Butterfly Effect

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When a fly creates butter, it is known as the butterfly effect - an attempt to create a simple morsel of food without any resources. To strive to conquer the everlasting hunger through extraordinary, and perhaps insubstantial, ways. A new meaning of life. Of hope. Of freedom. Of death. Of love. Of butter. Flap, flap, flap.


  • Adam tries to escape a horrifying reality.

Story Development

Adam Monroe · Aoyama Cemetery



Adam, after being in his coffin for a couple of days, decides that he has had enough, and punches his way through it, finally breaking through the soil and ending up on the ground. Happy, he smiles at his newfound freedom, when his happiness turns to a gut-wrenching fear. He is aware that there is a man stalking him - D.L. Hawkins.

Escaping from Aoyama Cemetery, Adam constantly looks behind himself, muttering about how ever since he escaped from the coffin his life has gone to Hell. He knows what it is like to feel true fear, and attempts to repent for all of his sins committed when he tried to release the virus. Eventually hiding behind a wall, he gathers his belongings together, and decides to make his way to port.

Memorable Quotes

"I am being stalked by D.L. Hawkins."

- Adam

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