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Aoyama Cemetery

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Aoyama Cemetery
Aoyama cemetary.jpg
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Purpose: Graveyard

Both Ishi and Kaito Nakamura are buried at Aoyama Cemetery.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Cautionary Tales

In March 2007, Hiro is asked to say the eulogy during Kaito's funeral. He refuses and runs off. Ando runs after him, but Hiro teleports away.

In 1990, Kaito and Hiro see past versions of themselves at Ishi's funeral. Hiro talks to a past version of himself, then teleports away with his father.

Back in 2007, Hiro returns to the grave site to eulogize Kaito.


Hiro teleports Adam away from Odessa, Texas and afterwards, Adam is seen entombed here in a newly dug, unmarked grave, near the plots of Hiro's parents.

Graphic Novel:The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei

As Adam "dies" over and over again while buried alive, he remembers the ten wives he has had during the course of his more than 350 years. He believes that his newest bride will be coming to find him soon.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

Kimiko and Hiro attend Kaito's funeral. After the ceremony, Kin Egami informs Kimiko of the need for her leadership over Yamagato Fellowship.

I Am Become Death

Upon the orders of Angela Petrelli, Hiro and Ando return to Japan to dig up an old friend.

Angels and Monsters

After retrieving Adam Monroe from his grave, Hiro tries to negotiate with him, but he refuses, causing Hiro to lock Adam back in his coffin repeatedly until he agrees to cooperate.


  • Aoyama Cemetery (officially called Aoyama Reien) really exists in Aoyama, a neighborhood of Tokyo. It opened in 1872, is located at 2-33 Minami-Aoyama in Tokyo, and is the largest cemetery in the city.


  • The cemetery scenes were filmed at a golf course.


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