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The Invisible Thread Sylar and Nathan.jpg
Portrayed by JLYK
Powers Watch Heroes anytime, anywhere
Sex Male
Age 15
Favorite episode Volume 1:Five Years Gone
Volume 2:Powerless
Volume 3:Our Father
Volume 4:Cold Snap
Favorite character Sylar
Favorite power Shape Shifting, Flight
Favorite sport Football/Soccer

Thing I would like to see in Heroes

Things I never want to see (again)

  • Peter dead for real.
  • Peter powerless.
  • A 4th Niki twin.
  • Hiro grumbling about his destiny.
  • Maya and her black tears storyline.
  • Hiro's feudal Japan storyline.
  • Heroes cancelled by NBC.
  • Stupid retcons.
  • Storylines that make no sense.
  • Continuity errors.