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The aim of this page is to keep track of all of the company founders and the connections their children have. Currently little is known about many of the founders and their abilities.

Founders and Families

Angela Petrelli (Precognitive dreaming) <> Arthur Petrelli (Power absorption)

> Peter Petrelli (Empathic mimicry)

> Nathan Petrelli (Flight) <> Meredith Gordon (Pyrokinesis)

> > Claire Bennet (Rapid cell regeneration)

Maury Parkman (Telepathy) <> Unknown

> Matt Parkman (Telepathy) <> Janice Parkman (None)

> > Matt Parkman, Jr. (Matt's ability)

Carlos Mendez (Unknown) <> Unknown

> Isaac Mendez (Precognition)

Charles Deveaux (Telepathy) <> Unknown

> Simone Deveaux (Unknown)

Kaito Nakamura (Unknown) <> Ishi Nakamura (Healing)

> Hiro Nakamura (Space-time manipulation)

> Kimiko Nakamura (Unknown)

Bob Bishop (Alchemy) <> Unknown

> Elle Bishop (Lightning)

Daniel Linderman (Healing)

Victoria Pratt (Unknown)

Paula Gramble (Unknown)

Harry Fletcher (Unknown)

Susan Amman (Unknown)