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User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Abilities

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Power Possessed by Absorbed by
User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Accelerated probability Kaito Nakamura
The ability to predict the probability of a certain event correctly and accelerate one's self to achieve those predictions
User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Alchemy Robert Bishop
Change the molecular composition of any material
User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Enhanced strength Carlos Mendez
Exert greater than normal physical force
User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Healing Daniel Linderman
Heal the injuries of any living thing
User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Telepathy Charles Deveaux
The ability to manipulate the minds of others
User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Precognitive dreaming Angela Shaw
The ability to see the future through dreams