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Robert Bishop
Bob in 1961.jpg
Portrayed by H. Michael Croner
First appearance Midas Touch
In-story stats
Known ability Alchemy
Date of birth 10 June, 1944
Home Cook Lake, NY
Parents Mr Bishop,
Mrs Bishop

Robert Bishop is an evolved human with the ability of Alchemy.

Character History

Midas Touch

On his way home from school, Bob is attacked by a group of youths. He is helped by a mysterious stranger who is an evolved human. Bob's ability manifests for the first time, he is able to turn things into gold.


Chandra Suresh offers Bobby the chance to go to Coyote Sands. Without hesitation, he accepts. Chandra leaves Bobby a leaflet containing all the information regarding Coyote Sands.

Coyote Sands

Bobby and the boys decide to sneak out of the compound with Angela. The group see a weather report on the television and rush back to Coyote Sands. On returning back to the camp, Bobby sees that everyone has been killed and panics. Angela tells him to calm down. He and the group walk away from the camp as it is engulfed in flames.


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New Town

Bobby and Charles head out to get some money for the group.

Evolved Human Abilities

Bob has the ability to transmute things into gold. The limits are currently unknown.