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Current News

Date News
09/05/2010 Volume 4 will be published in a brand new PDF format which will include images! The last 2 issues of Volume 3 will be released in both the Wiki format and the PDF format. This will allow readers to see what the new format will be like for Volume 4.
09/05/2010 "Volume 4: The Formation" has just been confirmed.
23/03/2010 A brand new promotional banner has been released for Volume 3.
10/02/2010 The Volume 2 finale, Union has been released for the users of the wiki to read. The issue reveals more about the origins of the company and the roles played by each person.
09/01/2010 Heroes: The Company is looking is looking yet again for more writers. Please see here for more information.

Archived News

14/10/2009 - First issue released
The first issue, Discoveries Pt.1 has been released for the users of the wiki to read.

04/11/2009 - Volume 2: The Founding Confirmed
Volume 2 has been confirmed as "The Founding" and will be released from January 2010 with 6 issues.

17/11/2009 - Volume 3: Decisions Confirmed
Volume 3 has been confirmed as "Decisions" and will be released from April 2010 with 10 issues (originally 8).

18/11/2009 - Volume 1 finale released
The Volume 1 finale, Coyote Sands has been released for the users of the wiki to read. It chronicles the events that occurred at the Coyote Sands relocation centre in 1961.

18/11/2009 - Writers competition launched
Heroes:The Company is looking for writers to help write issues for Volume 3 and onwards. If you are interested, see here.

06/01/2010 - Volume 2 Previews
Previews of Volume 2 will be available every few days up until the premiere on Wednesday 13th of January 2010.

07/01/2010 - Volume 2 Released
The first issue of volume 2, Methods, has been released a week early and is available now for all users of the Wiki to read.