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  • The group encounter another evolved human, Arthur Petrelli.
  • Angela and the others decide to form a company to protect evolved humans.
  • The group begin making their way to New York.


Volume: Two
Issue: 02-01
First aired: 06 January, 2010
Chandra chennai bennets glasses.jpg
Written by: Jenx222
Story by: Jenx222, Tim Kring
Edited by: Jenx222
Previous issue: Coyote Sands
Next issue: New Town
16th May 1961


Volume 2: The Founding

The flames from the camp burned brightly against starlit night sky. The air was thick and heavy, was it the fumes from the fires, or was it the guilt. The guilt of not being there, not being able to stop what had happened. The group began making their way back to the café when a voice in the distance began calling after them.

“Hey wait up!” - Arthur

“Huh?” - Daniel

“Hey wait a minute, wait for me” - Arthur

“Who are you?” - Charles

“I’m Arthur, Arthur Petrelli” - Arthur

“What are you doing out here?” - Charles

“I just came from the camp, they killed everyone. My parents, my sister” - Arthur

“You survived? There could be more survivors!” - Daniel

“There aren’t any more survivors. I was able to hide in the woods as the massacre began, I was lucky.” – Arthur

“How can you know that?” – Daniel

“Because I saw it happen, I saw them die and I did nothing! I ran and hid like a coward!” – Arthur

"Well there’s not a lot we can do about it now, come on let’s get back to the café.” - Angela

The group returned to the café with Arthur in tow. As they entered the café they headed for the exact same table at which they sat not less than an hour ago.

“So what do we do?” - Bobby

“Well we can’t stay here for much longer. They might come looking for us. I’ll go get us some bus tickets so we can get out of here.” - Arthur

“Ok Arthur, thanks” – Angela

Arthur got up out of his chair and headed out the door. Silence fell among the group of youngsters as the visions of what had happened at the camp raced through their minds. There was fear and uncertainty in the air, uncertainty of what would happen next.

“So, Angela, where do we go from here, what do your dreams tell you?” - Charles

“We’re going to start a group, a company to protect people like us, people with abilities.” - Angela

“But we’re just kids.” – Bobby

“Not anymore, we’re going to do what we need to do to hide our abilities so this doesn’t happen again. We’re going to do terrible things but it’s a necessary evil.” - Angela

Silence fell once again as everyone took a moment to realise their place in all this and the future they will help shape for evolved humans. Arthur re-enters the café and joins the rest of the group at the table.

“Hey guys I got them. I could only get us to the next town but it’s a start right?” – Arthur

“Yeah, it’s a start.” – Angela

“Shall we get going then?” - Charles

“Lead the way.” – Arthur

The group left the café and headed for the bus station. Arthur had arranged tickets on the bus to the next town. It wasn’t far but like he said, it was a start. All journeys need a starting point, and this was it.

Character Appearances


  • This issue is a direct continuation of "Coyote Sands"
  • This is the first issue to follow the new script dialogue format.
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