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User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Issue 12 - Union

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  • The group's plans come to fruition.
  • Harry receives an unexpected honour.
  • Primatech is formed.


Volume: Two
Issue: 02-06
First aired: 10 February, 2010
Sylar's funeral.jpg
Written by: Jenx222
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Jenx222
Previous issue: Fletcher & Son
Next issue: Primatech
3rd March 1962


This is where the real journey begins, a union of sorts, a union of heroes, a union of friends. Over the past few months the group have been planning big things for the company, now it was time to put those plans into action. Many of the members have been away for several months, each with their own assignments to complete. Kaito’s assignment was to find a suitable plot of land to construct the first of many branches of the “cover company”. Bobby’s assignment was to construct the “stockpile”, basically he just had to use his ability to make gold, then sell it for money, simple. The rest of us had much harder assignments like recruitment, resources and training. Arthur was getting impatient and had decided it was time to set the plans in motion so he organized a meeting to get things moving. Arthur was never one to sit back and wait for things to happen, he made them happen.

“I think we’re ready to put the plans in motion.” – Arthur

“I agree, we’ve had plenty of time for preparation, now is the time for action.” – Harry

“Let’s do it then.” - Angela

“If we are to go ahead then I think it is only fitting that we select a leader, I nominate myself” - Arthur

“Oh Arthur…….but he’s right, we do need a leader. I say we have a vote. Let’s each nominate someone else to become the chairman. I nominate Arthur, Charles?” - Angela

“Arthur.” - Charles

“That’s two for Arthur, Bobby?” - Angela

“Harry” - Bobby

“Daniel?” - Angela

“Harry.” - Daniel

“That’s 2 for Arthur, 2 for Harry, Kaito?” - Angela

“Harry.” - Kaito

“Susan?” - Angela

“Harry.” - Susan

“Harry?” - Angela

“Susan.” - Harry

“And finally, Arthur?” - Angela

“You Angela.” - Arthur

“Thank you, ok so we’ve got 1 vote each for me and Susan, 2 votes for Arthur and 4 votes for Harry. That makes Harry our new leader, congratulations.” - Angela

“Thank you, thank you all for placing your trust in me. I can assure you it will not be misplaced.” – Harry

The group seemed pleased with the result and appeared happy to follow Harry. Arthur of course was disappointed, you could tell by the look on his face that he wanted this……….needed this. The only problem with Arthur was compassion. It was something which he lacked. Everyone sat silently gathering their thoughts, when Angela suddenly stood up.

“So where do we go from here?” – Angela

“I think we should begin with the plan for the cover company, Robert how’s the stockpile coming?” – Harry

“Let’s just say, money isn’t really one of our problems at the moment.” – Bobby

“Excellent! Kaito, land?" – Harry

“All sorted, I’ve found a nice place in Hartsdale” – Kaito

“Perfect. Let’s get to it then people, time to open our first branch. Our first branch of Primatech Paper” – Harry

End of Volume 2

Character Appearances

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