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D.L. and Micah while traveling to Utah, stop at the Littlefield Motel along Interstate 14

  • Highway 12 runs for 122 miles from Panguitch to Torrey, Utah.

Graphic Novel:Life Before Eden

Eden's house is about 125 miles from Salt Lake City, UT, and 240 miles from Las Vegas, NV. As these two cities are about 363 miles from each other, this places Eden's home somewhere in Utah, probably near Fillmore, UT (144 miles from Salt Lake City, and 277 miles from Las Vegas), along Interstate 15.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 4

  • The distance from Missoula, MT to Salt Lake City, UT is approximately 525 mi.
  • The distance from Missoula, MT to Las Vegas, NV is approximately 940 mi.
  • The distance from Missoula, MT to Santa Fe, NM is approximately 1,125 mi.


Graphic Novel:Road Kill

There currently is not a Route 95 in Virginia.

Company Man


Graphic Novel:Family Man

Hana travels on U.S. Route 66 which has been decommissioned since 1985.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 1

U.S. Route 40 goes from near Park City, UT to Atlantic City, NJ and follows Hana's most likely path from Las Vegas, NV to Washington, DC most of the way, from near Denver, CO to Fredrick, MD.
Interstate 40, Barstow, CA to Wilmington, NC is also a possibility from Kingman, AZ to Knoxville, TN and it parallels historic Route 66 from Barstow, CA to Oklahoma City, OK.

Dark Matters, Part 5