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Episode:Company Man

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Company Man
Season: One
Episode number: 117
First aired: February 26, 2007
Companymanbw copy.jpg
Written by: Bryan Fuller
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Previous episode: Unexpected
Next episode: Parasite
Heroes Interactive transcript


  • Ted and Matt confront Mr. Bennet about their abductions.
  • Claire tries to protect her family, as the Bennet household comes under attack, leading to a shocking explosion.
  • Flashbacks reveal more about Mr. Bennet's company.
    • Claude is revealed to be Mr. Bennet's ex-partner, and he is punished for going against The Company.
    • Mr. Bennet's deception of Sandra begins.
    • Kaito gives Claire to Mr. Bennet.
  • The Haitian conspires to protect the Bennets.
  • Another new hero is introduced.

Story Development

Candice Willmer · Texas bridge · Ted's file · Thompson · Thompson's office · The Bennets' gun



At the Bennets' home, Ted melts the doorknob off the back door, and he and Matt enter. Matt disconnects Mr. Bennet's computer in hopes there may be some incriminating evidence on there. Ted suggests that Matt just gets inside Mr. Bennet's head. Matt tells him that they're going to confront Mr. Bennet at Primatech. As Matt is disconnecting the computer, he and Ted notice the Bennet family returning home. Ted suggests that they confront Mr. Bennet right then, but Matt is reluctant because he is with his family. Matt and Ted argue briefly but Matt is finally convinced to confront him right then. The Bennets enter the house and Lyle goes to bring his mother upstairs. Ted steps into view and Mr. Bennet tells Lyle to get his mother out of the house. Matt draws his gun and stops them from leaving. Mr. Bennet introduces Matt as an officer of the LAPD, but Matt tells him that he is no longer an officer thanks to him. Mr. Bennet asks why they're in his house with guns. Ted points out that he doesn't need a gun and that Mr. Bennet already knows this. Mr. Bennet claims not to know Ted. Ted tells him that if he keeps on lying, he would get upset, and that when he gets upset he gets "very bright and very hot." Matt tells Mr. Bennet that he's got to help them to keep Ted from getting upset. Mr. Bennet continues to claim that he's just a paper salesman.

Fifteen years ago, Mr. Bennet is interviewed by Thompson. Thompson asks him what he thinks about paper, and the younger Bennet replies dryly "wildly enthusiastic". Thompson, amused, tells him that as far as his friends and family are concerned, it's his life. He congratulates Mr. Bennet and welcomes him as the new regional manager for Primatech Paper. The facade immediately ends there. Thompson tells him that nobody outside of the organization knows what they do. Mr. Bennet understands and agrees that people aren't ready to know about those who are developing special abilities--they're like tea cups. Thompson tells him that some of the things he'll be asked to do may be of questionable morality. Mr. Bennet tells him that he has no problem with that. Thompson tells Mr. Bennet that he will have a partner who is already here. Mr. Bennet looks away and Claude Rains appears from being invisible. Mr. Bennet is startled and confused.

In the present, Ted presses Mr. Bennet to explain what goes on at Primatech. Matt explains that Mr. Bennet is responsible for abducting people and claims that he doesn't care about what he's doing to people, only that they don't remember what happens. Mrs. Bennet asks how they could be made to forget. Matt hears Claire think about the Haitian and then blame her father for what's happening. Matt reveals that Claire knows that this is Mr. Bennet's fault and that he's got everyone fooled except for her. He then reveals that Claire knows that her mother and Lyle were made to forget but that she wasn't. Matt asks her why the Haitian didn't erase her memory, but Claire tells him that she doesn't know. Mr. Bennet again claims that he's telling the truth and Ted's hands begin radiating. Matt tries to get Ted to relax. Claire reveals that her father isn't a paper salesman.

A little later, Claire and Matt go into the other room to speak in private. He hears Claire thinking about going to get help since she can't be hurt. Matt tells her not to be a hero because Ted is dangerous and Matt needs her help to ensure that no one gets hurt. Claire realizes that Matt can read her mind. He claims that Mr. Bennet did this to him and Claire asks if her father has done this to others as well. Matt tells her that they've both seen strange things and he mentions what happened at her school. Matt hears Claire think Peter Petrelli's name and tells Claire that Peter can read minds like he can. He hears Claire think that Peter can also do what she can do. He tells her that Peter told him to protect her and asks if she's got any abilities. He asks her why after Sylar's attack she didn't have any scratches on her, even though the scene was covered in her blood. Again, he reads her mind, catching her thought, "I can heal."

Fourteen years in the past on the rooftop of the Deveaux building, Mr. Bennet and Claude discuss the fate of baby Claire, as well as her pyrokinetic mother that disappeared in a fire when confronted by the duo. Thompson, discussing with his superior, motions for Claude and Mr. Bennet to come over. Thompson leaves with Claude to talk privately, leaving Mr. Bennet to talk to Kaito Nakamura, who is holding baby Claire. A very young Hiro Nakamura is playing a Game Boy nearby, completely oblivious to the magnitude of the events taking place. Kaito asks about Claire's mother and Mr. Bennet tells him that she likely died in the fire. Kaito gives Claire to him and tells him that he will be adopting her. Mr. Bennet is reluctant, and Kaito asks about Mr. Bennet and his wife's issues with conceiving a child. Mr. Bennet says he is relieved, since he doesn't believe he would be a good father. Kaito tells Mr. Bennet that he doesn't have a choice, but warns Mr. Bennet not to get attached to Claire. He tells him that if Claire were to manifest, they will take her back.

In the present, Claire asks her father if he made her this way. She asks if she was some kind of experiment, as Matt and Ted discuss what to do with the family. Ted tells Matt that he just wants to find a cure for what's happening to them. When Matt asks what if there is no cure, he hears Ted think that he'll kill everyone. Matt does his best to convince Ted not to do anything rash, but Ted simply tells him to get inside Mr. Bennet's head. He listens to Mr. Bennet's thoughts, but they're in Japanese. Ted, infuriated, tells Mr. Bennet that he wants answers. Matt hears Mr. Bennet think that there's a safe in the bookcase. Matt tells Ted who proceeds to head to the safe. Once Ted is out of the room, Mr. Bennet gets up and pulls a concealed gun from inside the fireplace. Matt punches Mr. Bennet before he can use the gun, and Ted runs back out and starts kicking Mr. Bennet while he's on the floor, to the protests of his wife. Matt pulls Ted off of Mr. Bennet.

Losing control, Ted points a gun at Sandra and threatens to kill her. He finds killing the wife of the man who caused Ted to lose his own wife to be poetic justice. Matt hears Mr. Bennet thinking that Matt needs to trust him and shoot Claire because she can heal. He then hears Claire think to shoot her as well. Matt, finding no other choice, shoots Claire before Ted can do anything and she collapses. Sandra rushes over to her and screams. Mr. Bennet thinks to Matt that he needs to get Ted's trust. Matt, with a "victim" gained, tells Ted that the Bennets now know how serious they are. Mr. Bennet then thinks to Matt and warns him that he's about to punch him. He does so, feigning anger and blaming him for killing Claire. Mr. Bennet at the same time tells Matt through his thoughts that they need to move the body before she heals. Matt reasons to Ted that the family shouldn't have to see a dead body, so they do just that.

Matt and Mr. Bennet carry Claire into her room where she soon heals and regains consciousness, coughing up the bullet and spitting out the blood in her mouth. Matt asks Mr. Bennet if he made her indestructible and Mr. Bennet tells him that he's not responsible for her powers, and that he doesn't appreciate Matt confusing her. Mr. Bennet tells Claire that he will explain later, but for now she needs to do what he tells her to do. Mr. Bennet reveals that the people he works for don't know about Claire or else they would have taken her away. But Ted is getting impatient for their return, so Mr. Bennet quickly formulates a plan and tells Claire to do what he says and tells Matt to do what Mr. Bennet thinks. However, events transpire downstairs as well: Lyle tries to knock Ted down with a baseball bat as Ted is calling up to Matt and Mr. Bennet. Ted dodges the attack and grabs the bat, and then proceeds to tie Sandra and Lyle up. Mr. Bennet and Matt return downstairs. Matt tells Ted that they'll find what they're looking for at the paper company. Matt says he'll stay with the family while Ted goes with Mr. Bennet. Ted doesn't agree, and says he instead will watch over the family. Ted then darkly tells Mr. Bennet that he'd better be back within an hour. Otherwise, he should "look for the mushroom cloud."

The Haitian helps Mr. Bennet for the first time.

Fourteen years in the past, Mr. Bennet tells Thompson that his wife found his gun and sedation kit and is suspicious, thinking him to be some sort of serial killer. Thompson sardonically tells Bennet that it is better for her to think he is a serial killer than know the truth. Bennet apologizes and tells Thompson that he doesn't know what to do, and asks if his wife is in danger. Thompson asks him what he would do if he said "yes." Mr. Bennet responds that he would do whatever he was told. Thompson then tells him to relax because his wife isn't going to remember what happened. Thompson explains that there's a mute boy they found from Haiti who can pull memories out of people, having explained it through drawings (he jokes that he wanted to put it up on his refrigerator). He tells Mr. Bennet to thank the boy afterwards for saving his wife's life.

In the present, Matt and Mr. Bennet enter a secure room at Primatech. Matt tells him that if they don't bring back evidence, Ted will become angered. Mr. Bennet says to him that instead of the truth, they're bringing back a tranquilizer and that Ted doesn't want evidence, just revenge. Matt asks what's going to happen to him, whether he'd have his memory erased and be sent back to LA. Mr. Bennet tells him that he's not going anywhere because he's the only one he can trust. He then reveals that he has contacted the Haitian.

Back at the Bennets', Ted sits forming small explosions in his hands, awing and frightening Lyle and Sandra, while Claire watches secretly.

At the paper company, Mr. Bennet meets up with the Haitian. He pushes the Haitian against the wall and tells him that he knows that the Haitian can talk. He asks who else knows about Claire. The Haitian tells him that it's just the two of them for now, but told him that "that will change". When asked why he didn't erase Claire's memories, he claims that he answers to someone in Claire's life whose instructions supersede Mr. Bennet's.

Seven years ago, Mr. Bennet drives Claude down a highway. Claude asks what their mission is and Mr. Bennet says that all he knows is that they're looking into a security breach. Claude claims that Mr. Bennet knows more than he's letting onto, but just doesn't want to tell him. Mr. Bennet, seeing no more reason to hide the truth, says to Claude that he is the security breach. He interrogates Claude about him hiding someone with special abilities. Claude tells him that the work they're doing (including vivisections) is starting to concern him, and that he thought that since Mr. Bennet is hiding Claire, he'd be more sympathetic. Mr. Bennet tells him that Claire doesn't have any powers. Claude reminds him that she can in the future. Mr. Bennet claims that if she does manifest abilities, he'll turn her in as ordered, though Claude isn't entirely convinced. He reveals that he was in Mr. Bennet's office when Mr. Bennet was told to kill him, but got into the car with Mr. Bennet because he thinks that Mr. Bennet's a good man. Refusing to answer, Mr. Bennet stops the car on a bridge and tells Claude to get out. He asks Claude to tell him who he's hiding, but Claude questions the motives of "the Company." Mr. Bennet pulls his gun and asks him again. Claude tells him that he won't hunt his own people and that Mr. Bennet has a choice. Half listening to Claude, Bennet's gun goes off and Claude gets shot in the shoulder. Angered that his former friend made it go this far, Bennet yells at Claude and shoots him again. Claude, weakened, twitchingly turns invisible and falls over the rail. When Bennet looks over the edge, he sees nothing and assumes Claude fell to his death.

At the paper company, the Haitian and Mr. Bennet argue over Claire. The Haitian claims that Mr. Bennet can't be trusted to put the interests of the company over Claire's safety and that makes him a liability. They argue over the best way to keep Claire safe and Matt tells them that unless they give Ted what he wants she won't be safe.

Ted watches a clock at the Bennet residence when he hears a noise upstairs. As he goes to investigate, Claire comes in through the back door and cuts her mom and brother loose. Investigating upstairs he finds Mr. Muggles in Claire's room. When he pulls back the sheets on Claire's bed, he finds her missing and runs back downstairs. Lyle manages to run out the back door, but Claire is caught by Ted. Claire's mom refuses to leave and goes to help Claire, despite her protests. Ted, in his fury, uses his power to burn Claire's neck and then he and Claire's mom watch as she regenerates. The escape attempt having failed, Ted binds Claire and her mother with tape. Her mom tells her that she always thought Claire was a miracle. Claire denies that she's a miracle, but her mom tells her that when someone rises from the dead that it's a miracle. Claire's mom finally realizes what Claire meant when she told her that she "walked through fire without getting burned." Ted asks Claire if Matt knew that she would heal when he shot her and becomes suspicious.

Just then, Matt and Mr. Bennet return, and Ted immediately confronts them about their deception. Trying to calm him down, Mr. Bennet offers Ted his file. Matt tries to convince Ted that they have what they came for and should leave. Mr. Bennet tells Ted that if the people for whom he works knew that he's giving Ted this information they would kill him and that since he's risking his own life, he would like Ted to let his family go. Meanwhile, the Haitian comes in the back door and releases Claire and her mother who all leave through the back door and meet Lyle outside, who has called the police. Mr. Bennet explains to Ted that he's not responsible for his powers, and that Ted had had been giving off low levels of radiation before he was even abducted. To Ted's dismay, Mr. Bennet reveals that there's no cure for his powers. At the same time, Thompson (who has been Bennet's boss up until present date) enters secretly through the back door and points a gun at Ted. When he makes his presence known, Mr. Bennet screams to warn him that shooting Ted will "set him off," but Thompson shoots Ted in the shoulder as Matt tries to shield him.

Claire heals from the explosion.

Ted falls to the ground and loses control of his powers, setting the house on fire and releasing powerful shock waves that knock everyone away. As he howls and convulses in intense pain, Matt and Thompson leave the house. When Claire doesn't see her father come out with them, she re-enters the home while the Haitian surreptitiously slips away. Claire tells her father she won't leave without him. Mr. Bennet tries to reach Ted to sedate him with clonazepam, but is unable to get close enough without being burned. Matt returns to try and help. Claire tells her father that she can get close enough to use the tranquilizer since she can't be killed. After some protest from Mr. Bennet, Matt helps Mr. Bennet out of the house as neighbors gather, and everyone waits for Claire. Claire approaches Ted with the needle, getting horribly burned as she does. From the perspective of the people outside, the front door blows away and the explosions cease. For a moment they fear the worst, but eventually Claire emerges from the house badly burned. She awes everyone as she takes steps, her burned skin easily regenerating. Her family embraces her, but Mr. Bennet sees Thompson, having discovered Claire's power, and realizes that he intends to take Claire away.

At the paper company, Thompson and Mr. Bennet talk, watching Ted confined and sedated in a cell previously used to detain Sylar. Thompson tells Mr. Bennet that it's a shame that he's going to have to kill another partner, especially one so suited for the cause. Mr. Bennet asks if he's been located, and Thompson tells him that they haven't found the Haitian. He tells Mr. Bennet that the Haitian probably figured Mr. Bennet would turn on him, not realizing that it was actually Mr. Bennet who had been hiding Claire for several months. Mr. Bennet claims that Claire must have trusted the Haitian over him. They then check on Matt, who is unconscious on a table and being examined by Candice Willmer. Bennet asks if Candice is "one of them," and Thompson confirms it. Thompson also remarks that having someone with Matt's powers around will be very useful. He then asks Mr. Bennet when they can expect him to bring in Claire. He says that he'll bring her in now.

Mr. Bennet drives Claire down a highway. She asks her father where she's going and whether she'll see her family again. He tells her that he doesn't know and just wanted to protect her.

Mr. Bennet sacrifices himself for his daughter's protection.

Three years ago, Claire helps her father pick out a pair of glasses. Claire asks if she's going to need glasses someday, seeing as her father and grandfather needed them. Seeing that the time has come, Mr. Bennet reveals to her that she was adopted. She asks about her "real family," to which he comments that The Bennets are her real family, even if they're not her biological one. He states that her real family is based on how much they love her. Claire picks out a pair of horn-rimmed glasses for her father. He tries them on and Claire tells him that he looks "like her dad."

Mr. Bennet pulls over on the bridge. He and Claire get out and meet with the Haitian who is waiting for them. He tells Claire that this is goodbye, and Claire says that there has to be a better way. The Haitian tells her that this is the best way to keep the company from suspecting that her father was involved. Mr. Bennet tells the Haitian where to shoot him so that he won't be killed. Mr. Bennet tells Claire to turn around, for he does not want her to see him get shot. Reluctantly, she obeys, and the Haitian shoots Mr. Bennet just below the left side of his ribcage. Mr. Bennet tells the Haitian to then "go deep" and erase his mind of any memories that would lead people to Claire. After a tearful goodbye between Claire and her father, The Haitian erases Mr. Bennet's memories as Claire watches and cries.

Memorable Quotes

"You have to trust me, shoot Claire."

"Shoot me!"

- Mr. Bennet, Claire (to Matt Parkman via Telepathy)

"The son of a bitch is thinking in Japanese."

"Why are you thinking in Japanese?!"

- Matt, Ted (to Mr. Bennet)

"You want me to play dead? I'm sorry, I'm not Mr. Muggles."

- Claire (to Mr. Bennet)

"If you're not back in an hour, just look for the mushroom cloud."

- Ted (to Matt and Mr. Bennet)

"Don't worry, I'm not going to nuke the dog, I wouldn't hurt Mr. Muggles."

- Ted (to Matt)

"You're gonna upset me. Do you know what happens when I get upset? I get very bright and very hot!"

- Ted (to Mr. Bennet)

"I'm comfortable with morally gray."

- Mr. Bennet (to Thompson)

"I'm just a paper salesman."

- Mr. Bennet (to Matt Parkman) (Company Man)

Character Appearances


  • This episode aired a day early on February 25, 2007 on GlobalTV in some parts of Canada.
  • Masi Oka does not appear in this episode, but his character (Hiro Nakamura) does.


  • Peter, Nathan, Niki, Micah, D.L., Mohinder, Isaac, and Simone do not appear in this episode. Hiro appears, but is portrayed by Garrett Masuda, not Masi Oka. This episode features only three members of the principal cast, making it the episode to feature the fewest main characters.
  • Company Man has more shots than any other episode of Heroes to date. Most have about 750 -- Company Man has over 1000. (Heroes Interactive)
  • Jack Coleman (Mr. Bennet) is in 95% of the shots in this episode. (Heroes Interactive)
  • This episode was aired 25th of February on Global (Canada).
  • This was the first episode in which James Kyson Lee and Masi Oka do not appear. This left Hayden Panettiere as the only actor who appeared in every episode of the first season.
  • According to director Allan Arkush, this episode is largely based on the 1955 film noir thriller The Desperate Hours starring Humphrey Bogart. Arkush also cites other films including Martin Scorsese's 1991 thriller Cape Fear, and the film noir features Out of the Past (1947) and T-Men (1947) as having an influence on this episode.
  • According to the episode commentary, scenes at the Texas bridge were filmed at Big Tujunga Narrows Bridge, located about 30 miles NNE of downtown Los Angeles.
  • Allan Arkush stated that two houses were used for the Bennets' home during Ted's meltdown scene: the original house seen through out the episode as well as an additional house used to film the house as it became severely damaged.
  • Arkush also mentioned the shot of the Bennet family SUV pulling into the driveway was filmed using a false wall and window on the front lawn of the house.
  • Claude says "Happy Father's Day" (albeit in Japanese). An episode of Christopher Eccleston's run as "The Doctor" in Doctor Who is called Father's Day.
  • Noah shoots Claude in the same place The Haitian shot Noah later in the episode.
  • When Mr. Bennet thinks in Japanese, he is thinking, "I must save my family--protect them at any cost."
  • The young boy played by Garrett Masuda, who is heavily implied as but not named as Hiro, is credited as Young Asian. The reason for this is unknown, though this may have been to hide his involvement and make it a surprise.
  • Young Hiro plays with a Game Boy in this episode.
  • TV Guide has listed top 100 episodes of all time and Company Man is at 68th place.
  • The graphic novel Family Man tells the story of what happened to Mr. Bennet between the time that his home was destroyed, and he was shot on the bridge, both scenes that were shown in this episode.
  • The scene where Noah and Claire are picking glasses was actually suggested by Jack Coleman.
  • This episode delves into Noah's backstory. Years later, a Heroes Reborn episode would also delve into a main character's backstory. As a nod to this episode, the Heroes Reborn episode would be titled Company Woman.
  • The Company is identified by name for the first time by Noah as he talks with Claude Rains on the Texas bridge.
  • The scene where Noah is given baby Claire by Kaito Nakamura is revisited in The Eclipse, Part 2 and Our Father when Hiro Nakamura takes Claire back in time to that moment and they watch from behind a fern.

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