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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

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Dark Matters, Part 5
Webisode number: 35
First released: July 23, 2015
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Written by: Zach Craley
Directed by: Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: Dark Matters, Part 4
Next Webisode: Dark Matters, Part 6



Nine months ago, as Aly brings his sister's stuff, Quentin surfs the Hero Truther website and the videos of Phoebe he uploaded to it. Aly is annoyed by his obsession and suggests that Phoebe may have bombed the Odessa Unity Summit as suggested. Quentin refuses to believe it and believes Renautas is the true culprit and is intent on clearing Phoebe's name. An annoyed Aly eventually storms off.

Desperate to exonerate Phoebe, Quentin uploads a video to Hero Truther begging for his help. Hero Truther suddenly establishes a direct video call with Quentin and apologizes for Quentin's loss which he can sympathize with as he's lost many loved ones himself. However, Hero Truther is unwilling to help Quentin take on Renautas as he sees it as a losing battle. Quentin demands to know about why Hero Truther isn't spreading the truth anymore and Hero Truther tells him that after June 13th, no one cares about the truth anymore, just hunting down evos. Quentin demands Hero Truther help him, stating that Phoebe had been following in his and Claire Bennet's footsteps and trying to be a hero. Hero Truther reluctantly agrees to help Quentin get into Renautas, but states that the rest is up to him.

Hero Truther sends Quentin a package with the things he will need to infiltrate Renautas including a fake ID, a camera pen and a USB stick. Quentin is able to get an entry level job at Renautas but believes he can work his way up and find the proof he needs. Quentin calls Aly who is happy he's apparently pulled himself together at first, but is enraged when she realizes Quentin is continuing his obsession with Renautas. Aly storms out, telling Quentin never to call her again.

Six weeks ago, Quentin communicates with Hero Truther again and shows him a picture of Primatech file boxes. Quentin tells Hero Truther that Renautas has a team of people digitizing Primatech's assets and states that this is the smoking gun they need: proof that Renautas is continuing where the Company left off. Hero Truther tells Quentin he can't break past Renautas' firewalls without leaving himself vulnerable so Quentin must break into Renautas and hack the files himself. Quentin agrees to do it.

Quentin sneaks into the Renautas data archives and accesses the Renautas systems. Quentin finds the Primatech files in the root directory and copies the files on Coyote Sands, Noah Bennet and the Walker System to the USB drive Hero Truther sent him. Seeing the flashlight of a guard, Quentin pulls the USB drive once the download is done and hides. After seeing the guard lock his only way out, Quentin threatens him with a lighter, pretending to be a pyrokinetic who will burn the guard to death if he doesn't comply. The ruse works and Quentin is able to use the guard's key card to escape Renautas with his proof.

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