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User:Mike Mike Mike/Years Of School/Episode:Fight

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Volume: One
Episode Number: 1
First aired: Dec 4th 2010
Micah Middle school.png
Written by: Mr. muggles mike
Directed by: Mr. muggles mike
Next episode: Fight Part 2


James has his first flying class.


James had never belive that he would ever meet a boy he hated more then anything, but that was before he met Tom Johnson. Still, first-year Bennets only had Medicine Classes with Grays, so they didn't have to put up with Tom much. Or at least, they did'nt until they heard that flying class would be starting on Monday - and Bennet and Gray would be learning together. 'Great,' James said sarcaticly. 'Just what I need. To make a show of myself trying to fly. In front of Tom aswell.' He had been looking forward to flying more than any-thing else. 'You don't know you'll make a show of yourself,' said Michael reasurring James. 'Anyway, I know Tom always goes on about how good he is at flying, but I bet he isn't that good.' Tom did talk about flying a lot. He wasn't the only the only one, though: the way Stephanie Hills told it, she'd spent most of her days flying around her home using her ability. Some people like for instance Jenny had never flew in her life, because she had been scared of hights. At breakfast on Monday she'd bore them all with stupid flying tips she'd got out of a book, and everyone was pleased when by the arrival of the post. James never got letters from home because his mother was always to busy with work. Michael's sister, Stacy (who worked as a TA) would carefully use her ability to put a small forcefield around the post of others so other people couldn't damage them, while another TA would gentaily float them to the person. Tom was always getting sweets and luxaries from home, which he opan and gloat loudly at the Gray table. David got a small package from his grand-father. He opaned it excitedly and showed them a small prism shape glass thing. 'What is it?' he asked Jenny, when the prism glew bright yellow. 'You're grand-father must have put some of his ability into this prism.' David was looking at the glowing prism when Tom Johnson, who was passing the Bennet table, snatched the prism out of his hand and the glow went dark. James and Michael jumped to their feet. They were hoping to have a good reason to fight Tom, but Mr King, who could spot trouble a mile away, was there in a flash. 'What's going on?' 'Toms got my post, sir.' Scowling David, Tom quickly dropped the prism on the table. 'Just looking,' he said, and he walked away with is companions Martian Welsh and Alice Porter behined him.

At half-two that afternoon, James, Michael and the other Bennets hurried down the front steps into the ground for their first flying lessons. It was a very nice day indeed and the grass swished under the light breeze as they walked over to class. The Grays were already there, and so was the flying teacher. Their teacher, Miss Yaga had long, thick blond hair and a strange look to her. 'Well, what are you waiting for?' she said sweetly. 'Everyone stand straight. Come on, be quick.' James looked at Jenny and she grabbed his hand, only to let go again. Why did she do that? 'Stick your hands by your side,' called Miss Yaga 'And use your power to slowly levitate yourself off the ground.' Everyone tensed and tryed to use their powers. Jets of water shot out of James' hand at once, but he was one of the few that did. Jenny was just simply spraying sprinkles of water on the floor, trying to use the ability she had replicated and David was simply showed no sign of ability. Miss Yaga, walking up and down the students, told them to try again and be so much better. James and Michael were delighted when she told Tom he must have been doing it wrong for years. 'Now, when I say go, you shoot off the ground and land over there,' Miss Yaga pointed to a small spot on a hill. 'Keep your concentration steady and have fun. Ready? - three - two -' But before Miss Yaga had a chance to say the words go, David had let out a blast of energy and flew up high into the air. 'Come back, now!' she screamed, but then WHACK! - a crash and a nasty thud and David lay, face down, on the grass in a ball. His hands were still glowing and then the light faded away. 'Broken,' James heard her mutter. 'Come on, it's all right, up you get.' She turned to the rest of the class. 'None of you is to move while I'm away! I have never givin a detention while I've been in this school and I don't wish to start now. If anyone of you lift one foot off the ground, you will be reciving a detention!' No sooner were they were out of sight, Tom burst into laughter. 'Did you see him?' The other Grays joined in. 'Shut up, Tom,' snapped Kirsty Joop. 'Ooh, sticking up for him?' said Emma Parma, a gobby Gray girl. 'Never thought you'd like fat cry babies, Joop.' 'Look!' said Tom, lunging towards somthing on the grass. 'It's that silly triangle Davis' Grand-dad sent him.' The Prism glowed but then faded quickly, like it was hiding from something. 'Give it, Tom,' said James quickly. Everybody stopped talking to watch. Tom smirked nastily. 'I think I'll leave it somewhere for David to find it - how about - on the roof?' 'Give it!' James yelled, but Tom had let out a burst of fire and taken off. He hadn't been lying, he could fly well - hovering in the air he called, 'Come and get it, James!' James pushed his arms down. 'James, No!' Shouted Jenny Scarlet. 'Miss Yaga told us not to move!' James ignored her blood was pounding in his ears. He sprayed out huge jets of water and up he went. He slowly steadyed himself and faced Tom in mid-air. Tom look suprised. 'Give it here!' James called, 'Or I'll knock you down!' 'Oh, yeah?'said Tom 'No Alice or Martian to save you know, Tom,' James Shouted The same thought had popped into Tom's head. 'Catch it if you can, then!' he shouted, and he threw the prism high into the and streaked back towards the ground. James saw the prism rise up into the air and then start to fall again. He let out another Jet and wind whisled in his ears and mingled with the screams of people he stretched out his hand. A foot from the ground he caught it and he toppled gently on the grass with the prism clutched safely in his hand.