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Michael Sham
First appearance Fight
In-story stats
Known ability Gravitational manipulation
Age 17

Michael Sham is a student who attends Manaj's School For The Superpowerdly Gifted.

Character History


Michael finds out that he had flying classes on Modays with Tom and James. On Monday he listans to Jenny bore them, by giving them tips about flying classes. They were all pleased when the post arrvied and interrupted her. While David was admiring his gift that he'd got for his grand-father, Tom snatched it off him, causing James and himslef to jump to there feet, hoping to get into a fight with Tom. In the afternoon, James, Michael and the other Bennets went down to the yard to attend flying classes.

Fight Part 2

After meeting up with James, he was confonted by Tom and his two "capanions", Alice and Martain. James and Tom arrange a Evolved Battle at midnight in the medicine corridor and Michael became James' second for the battle. After over hearing the conforsation, Jenny trys to convince them not to go, to which James replies, 'It's none of you're business.' Later that night James and Michael sneek down into the commonroom, only to find Jenny sitting and waiting for them. She trys to convince them again but it only leads to Jenny going with them. After, finding out that Tom and Martain have been caught by Stacy, the three hide in a small room. However, when they turn around they see a diffrent animal from what the other saw. They run back to the commonroom and sit in exustion.

Evolved Human Abilities

Michael had the ability to create vortices.