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Portrayed by Myself
Nickname Connolly
Powers None
Alias Michell Conollly
Sex Male
Age 15
Date of birth 16 Feb 1996
Occupation None
Favorite Heroes quote "Great! I panic attack with powers." - Tracy (to Claire Bennet) (Brother's Keeper)
Favorite color White
Favorite episode Fight or Flight
Favorite Heroes actor None
Favorite Heroes actress Ali Larter
Favorite character Tracy (Or possibly Emma)
Least favorite character Janice Parkman
Favorite power Enhanced synesthesia or Freezing

Mr. muggles mike is a Heroes fan fiction writer who usually teams up with Mike Mike Mike for his stories.

Fan Fiction

Current Stories

Years Of School (Dec 4th 2010 - Present)

Years Of School is Mr. muggles mike's second fan fiction story and his first to team up with partner Mike Mike Mike. The story introduces the three main characters James Connol, Jenny Scarlet and new character Michael Sham who enrol in a school for evolved humans. Mr. muggles mike stated the first volume: School Life, will contain ten/fifteen episodes, nine of which have been written and aired. The first story aired on Dec 4th 2010 and is currently still airing episodes. Volume One was concluded on April 6 2011.

Up-cumming Stories

Barbara (Unknown)

Barbara is the third fan-fiction story to be written by Mr. muggles mike and produced by Mike Mike Mike. Mr. muggles mike stated "This fan fiction will not be cancelled like my previous story. No backing down!" Ten episodes have been confirmed and one main character. When asked what is the story about? Mr. muggles mike said "Niki Sanders' and Tracy Strauss' sister Barbara! I want to create a story about Barbara and where she is!" That was the end of the questioning and Mr. muggles mike said we would have to wait for more spoilers to be realesed. On Apr 2nd Mr. muggles mike stated that Barbara's last name would be Zimmerman and that she knows full-well of her ability. He also annouced that this may be his last Fan-Fiction story. Mr. muggles mike confirmed that the story would be realesed either after Years Of School's second volume or during it.

Past Stories

Neighbourhood Life (April 7th 2010 - 3rd Dec 2010)

Neighbourhood Life was Mr. muggles mike's first fan fiction story. The story introduces the two main characters, James Connol and Jenny Scarlet who discover they have amazing abilities. The first volume; Discovery, contained nine episodes and premiered on April 7th 2010. Neighbourhood Life was cancelled on the 3rd Dec 2010. Mr. muggles mike said, "I was really finding it hard to end the series and I was even confusing myself sometimes with the plot lines. I will be writing a new fiction, which will become completely un-cannon to Neighbourhood Life, but I can tell you that I will be keeping James Connol and Jenny Scarlet as the two of three main charactors". He also stated "I want to bring new charactors, powers and locations into this new fiction and I want to try and not sway towards Neighbourhood Life". At the end it's era, Neighbourhood Life had produced a total of nine episodes, eighteen abilities and nineteen characters.

Neighbourhood Life (Cancelled Before Realesed)

Neighbourhood Life was an upcoming fan fiction by Mr. muggles mike and Mike Mike Mike. The story is a confirmed reboot to previous story, Neighbourhood Life. Mr. muggles mike stated "The first volume will be showing the five main characters learn to deal with their newly discovered abilities." When asked if any of the other character would be returning Mr. muggles mike said "No. Neighbourhood Life needs entirely new characters and I will not be bringing back any characters from my previous stories." Ten episode have been confirmed and two characters and two abilities were confirmed. Mike Cons and Lee Day have been confirmed as characters and Invisibility and Super strength have been confirmed as abilities but will not be possessed by Mike or Lee. Mr. muggles mike said he might not release his fan fiction until later this year. When asked if he could give us any more information, Mr. muggles mike said "There will be two girls and three boys, they will all have abilities and the two girls will never come into contact with two of the boys." However, on 17th March 2011, Mr. muggles mike said "I have changed some aspects of the story. The five characters will come in contact with on another, they will all attend the same school and instead of the power Super strengh, it will be Enhanced memory." On 19th March 2011, Mr. muggles mike said "I'm so sorry but I'm pulling the plug on this reboot because I feel I can do so much better than this reboot. I want to focus more on the Heroes show itself." When asked if he would do another story insted of Neighbourhood Life he said, "Yes...But you will have to wait." At the end of the production, Nighbourhood Life was to air ten episodes. The abilites were never realsed, however, Invisibility and Enhanced Memory were confimed as abilities and the ablities; Freezing and Telekinesis were highly hinted to be held by Mike and Lee.