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Manaj's School For The Superpowerdly Gifted
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Help Gifted Youngsters

This is the school that James, Jenny, Michael and many others attended.

Notable Locations

  • Bennet Commonroom
  • The Eating Hall
  • Medicine Coridoor


Deputy Heads

Heads Of Houses


  • Mr Malcome King


  • Miss Debras Sky


  • Mrs Pamala Marbloss


  • Mr Kevin Marshliy


Ability Development

  • Mrs Pamala Marbloss

Defence and Survial Classes

  • Mr Kevin Marshliy


History of Abilities

  • Mr Steven Cribin

Medicine Classes

  • Miss Debras Sky


  • Mr Malcome King

Support Staff

Teaching Assiastance


Notable Students

Bennet House

Gray House

  • Tom
  • Emma
  • Alice
  • Martian
  • Un-named Boy Student 1
  • Un-named Boy Student 2
  • Un-named Boy Student 3
  • Un-named Girl Student 1
  • Un-named Girl Student 2
  • Un-named Girl Student 3

Turner House

  • 5 Un-named Boy Students
  • 5 Un-named Girl Students

Coolage House

  • 5 Un-named Boy Students
  • 5 Un-named Girl Students

Student Years

First Years

A first year is a student at Manaj's School For The Superpowerdly Gifted who is new to Manaj's and in their first year of evolved education. There are usually ten first-years per house (five boys, five girls), leaving a total of forty students per year. First years are typically sixteen to seventeen years of age. They are not allowed to fly unless they are attending Flying class. First year classes consist of Telekinesis, Defence and Survial Classes, Medicine Classes, History of Abilities, Ability Development, and Flying.



Grading on routine homework seems to be along the same lines as that for none-evolved students. Manaj's students also have difficult exams as they progress higher in the system. E.E.L.s, or Easy Evolved Levels, are a set of standardised tests for fifth year students which determine what courses a student may continue to study in their final years at Manaj's.

  • OP = Outstanding Pass (Passed with ease)
  • GP = Good Pass (High Pass)
  • AP = Acceptable (Just Passed)
  • F = Fail (Fail, may repeat subject)
  • D = Dreadful (Fail)
  • U = Unacceptable (Unacceptable work produced)