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User:Mr. muggles mike/Neighbourhood Life/Episode:Wedding Day

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Wedding Day
Volume: One
Episode Number: 3
First aired: April 8th 2010
Wedding reception.jpg
Written by: Mr. muggles mike
Directed by: Mr. muggles mike
Next episode: Take Me Back



15 Years Later...

"What? Where am I?" Jenny said to herself.

Jenny heard voices. She turned around to find herself getting marryed to James.

Jenny grabbed a woman by the arm. "Excuse me, I now this will sound really weird but what year is this"

"Erm Its 2024" replied the woman.

"And may I ask?" She pointed to a church "Who's wedding is that?"

The woman looked confused. "You really don't know do you?"

Jenny shook her head.

"Its the wedding of Jenny Scarlet and, my son, James Connol"

"Really? Oh my God!"

The woman grabbed Jenny by the arm. "I'd know that face anywere! Its you, Isn't Jenny!"

"Ok, yes its me but I'm not meant to be here. Look please just let me stay for the wedding"

The woman sighed "Fine, but don't let anybody see you".

Jenny sat down on a bench near the back of the church and watched on. The priest spoke out.

"Before we proceed is there anybody who thinks that these two should not be wed?"

A loud voice came from the back "Yer, Me!"

The woman had a child in her arms and had a red electricity coming out of her hand.

James spoke out "Let go of my son!"

"Not till I get what I want"

"Never!" he replied.

Suddently, the woman touched the child and the whole ground began to shake. Buildings outside began to fall and the church began to collapase. A tall statue fell and was heading stright for Jenny! She closed her eyes and before she new it, she was back at the school.

1 Hour Later...

Derick walked in and picked up one of his grandma's paintings. It was a picture of a girl shooting her teacher.

"Derick? Were are you going?"

"To stop her!"

Back at School...


"What? I told you I-"

"I have an ability"


"Yer, I can copy other peoples abilities"

"Thats great!"

"But theres something I have to do" Jenny pulled out a small gun. "I have to shoot miss Galore!"