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Neighbourhood Life

Current status: Cancelled

Neighbourhood Life is a fan-fiction based on Heroes. It is written by Mike.


Volume One: Discovery

Volume One will consist of ten episodes.


James Connol - A college student with a ability.
Jenny Scarlet - One of James' best friends and has a love intrest for him.
Pamala Connol - James mum with a little more then a green finger.
David - A college student who dies due to his his ability.
The Goverment man - A man claming to be from the goverment.
Miss Galore - James and Jenny's english teacher. She has the ability to supercharge.
Derick King - A man who tries to stop the future.
Grandma King - A 62 year old who paints the future.
Glad Yaga - A killer who was locked up in Level 5.
Michael Jameson - A young boy, his mother was a killer.


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Fan Theories


Neighbourhood Life was cancelled on the 3rd Dec 2010. Mr. muggles mike said, "I was really finding it hard to end the series and I was even confusing myself sometimes with the plot lines. I will be writing a new fiction, which will become completely un-cannon to Neighbourhood Life, but I can tell you that I will be keeping James Connol and Jenny Scarlet as the two of three main charactors". He also stated "I want to bring new charactors, powers and locations into this new fiction and I want to try and not sway towards Neighbourhood Life".

L Neighbourhood Life