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Michael Jameson
First appearance My Mother
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced synesthesia
Age 14
Parent Glad Yaga (Mother)

Michael Jameson is the son of Glad Yaga..

Character History

My Mother

He is confonted by two woman who want get a lot of information from him about his mother. He then trys to get his mother back using his ability. Suddently Glad burst through the door.

On The Run

Glad uses her ability to try and kill Miss Galore and Yookie but Michael uses his ability to stop her. He takes her onto a train, when a boy and girl appear. Glad and Michael are taken to see Pamala.

Evolved Human Abilities

Enhanced synesthesia (also referred as a "siren's song") is the ability to visualize sound waves as colorful light waves and manipulate these lights by combining them with a particular emotion.