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User:Mr. muggles mike/Neighbourhood Life/Episode:My Mother

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My Mother
Volume: One
Episode Number: 6
First aired: May 4th 2010
Glad Yaga.jpg
Written by: Mr. muggles mike
Directed by: Mr. muggles mike
Next episode: On The Run



"Are you sure this is it?"

Yookie looked at the piece of paper in her hand

"Yer, this is it."

A boy answered the door.


Miss Galore spoke quickly.

"Is this Michael Jameson's house?"

"Yer, why who is it?"

"Were friends of his mothers...can we come in?"


The boy shut the door quickly.

5 Minutes Later...

"So can you tells us a bit about your mother?"

"I'll tell you her whole life story, shall I?"

Yookie and Galore just sat foward waiting to hear him.

"Well, For 10 years, my mother lived in the biggest house you have ever seen.

On her 11th birthday, my mother has a fight with my grandmother. My mother gets very angry and suddently cause my grandmother to die using her ablity.

She discovered that not only is she a special, but she is a deadly one. At the age of 15 she was placed into level 5 for killing again.

Escaping a couple of years later, my mother found out the true power of her ability, which gives drives her to kill anyone she likes.

After realizing that the company might be after her, she hid low in a town.

My mother found out that she was pregnet. And here I am."

Miss Galore and Yookie didn't say anything for a while and then spoke.

"Can you bring her to us?"


"With you're ability!"

Michael thought for a while.

"I think."

1 Minutes Later...

"If I play this piano and think of her, I should be able to bring her here."

5 Minutes Later...

Suddently the door sung opan and Glad stumbled through the door way.