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Deleted Scenes
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Angela dreams of the future, except Monica and Micah are on it.

Here are the list of the Deleted Scenes in Heroes.

List of Deleted Scenes

Season One: Genesis

Unaired Pilot

In His Own Image
    • In His Own Image is an abbreviated version of the 72-minute unaired pilot shown at Comic-Con 2006. It was subsequently re-edited as Genesis, the aired pilot episode. A screener of In His Own Image made its way onto P2P file sharing networks prior to the original airing of Genesis.

Season Two: Generations

Elle's Assignment - Watch

  • Elle is assigned by his dad to keep track of Sylar and capture him but as usual, she keeps disappointing him. Noah Bennet theorize that Elle is just a bait to capture Sylar, she believes that she doesn't have a partner but yet this is against the Company policy, One of Us, One of Them. Noah thinks that Elle has her partner the whole, but is just waiting for Sylar to get trap to Elle and come out to save the day.

Robert Keep - Watch

  • Sylar strikes back again on killing other evolved human and feed with their abilities. And now he's up to with Robert Keep. Robert Keep has the abiltiy of Impenetrable skin, which allowed him to survive a huge accident 3 years ago, falling 2000ft into a grove of trees, as Sylar mentioned.
    Sylar chokes Chameleon Girl

Sylar followed Keep in the toilet and started asking uncomfortable questions till he actually mentioned what he came for, Robert's skin. Sylar telekentically stuck Robert in the wall and started to cut his skull, but unable to do so because of Robert's ability. Instead, He removed the brain all down to mouth to the nasal cavity, as the police stated.

Chameleon Girl - Watch

Kaito Nakamura's Ability - Watch

Hiro saves Ando Watch

Kaito reveals his ability.
  • In this scene, Hiro is speaking to Ando about him giving up the "becoming a hero" dream and stop using his ability forever, since of all the accidents he's already responsible for, Charlie, his Father, and Adam Monroe. But then, Ando tries to convince Hiro not to blame himself for everything and he still can be a hero, to do this Ando stood up in the middle of the road where a lot of vehicles are driving, and he gave Hiro a choice; Use his ability or let his friend die. Instead, Hiro just pulled out Ando of the road in tha last minute, instead of just using his ability. Still, Ando is unsuccessful from convincing Hiro.

Angela's Dream Watch