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Angela's dreams

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Angela's dreams
Angela's eye.jpg
Angela Petrelli has prophetic dreams.

First mentioned: The Butterfly Effect
Date of event: Recurring

Angela Petrelli has dreams that foretell future events. According to her, Peter absorbed this power from her, resulting in his own strange dreams.


The Butterfly Effect

Angela has a dream in which Hiro, Peter, Noah and Matt appear to have been slain in various ways. In this dream, she sees Knox choking Claire against a wall, then throwing her to the floor and beheading her. After he drags Claire's body away from her head, Knox is joined by Maury Parkman, a woman appearing to be Tracy Strauss, and Adam Monroe. They stand facing Angela, and as they stare at her Sylar appears behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders, at which point she awakes from the dream with a jolt. Angela tells Future Peter that by stopping the press conference he has let Sylar take Claire's ability. A chain of events happens because of this and eventually lets twelve evolved humans from Level 5 escape. Angela has a dream about things to come, in which:

  • Hiro is sitting on the floor, impaled by a sword.
  • Matt is in a chair with a slit throat.
  • Peter is unconscious and has a deep wound across his entire chest.
  • Noah is lying dead on the floor.
  • Claire is decapitated by Knox.
  • Knox, Adam, a woman that looks like Tracy, and Maury stand together, facing Angela.
  • Sylar steps up behind Angela, appearing to side with her.

Angels and Monsters

Angela has a dream where she is in her office and hears a woman's scream. She walks down the hall and opens a double door and behind it she sees Tracy with her throat cut, Nathan with a gash in his forehead, and Peter with a pipe through the back of his head and blood all over his hands. Suddenly, Arthur Petrelli appears out of nowhere and says that her ability to see the future is too dangerous, and that he can't have that. Angela insists she'll stop him but he touches his right hand, covered with blood, to her shoulder and tells her that she won't even be able to move. He then proceeds to trap her in her own mind.


Angela reveals that she has had another dream of something that she whispers to Nathan that only he can hear but causes him not to chase Peter.

Cold Snap

Angela has a dream of a traffic stop and being captured. She wakes up seconds before it happens in reality and the dream allows her to see it coming and escape.

Into Asylum

Unable to sleep, Angela can't have any of the prophetic dreams she hopes will point her and Peter in the right direction. Ultimately, after confessing to Peter, she is able to sleep and has a dream that she believes reveals what to do. She tells Peter that they need to find and unite with Nathan and Claire, and they need to visit her sister, who Peter had not even known existed. She also reveals that her power changed her life: she was going to become a teacher until her ability manifested, and she dreamed of an apocalypse. When no one would listen to her warnings, those dreams caused her to turn to manipulation to save the world.


As wind whips around one of the Coyote Sands barracks unnaturally, Angela tells everyone that this was the dream that she had that had caused her to realize that her sister is still alive.

In 1961, Angela has a dream and after Daniel Linderman displays his ability, Angela is convinced to tell him, Charles Deveaux and Bobby Bishop that Chandra Suresh is not to be trusted. Chandra later tests Angela by asking her what's on various cards he holds up. Angela is able to answer every one, but tells him that she simply saw it in another dream. She also says that in her dreams, which she refers to as nightmares, Chandra is going to lose control of the camp and everyone is going to be killed, though she knows he is a good man. As a result, Angela and her friends flee the camp and thus survive the massacre of evolved humans that occurs when Alice loses control of her powers. Angela later informs her friends of another dream she has had where they build a company designed to protect people like them and that this company will do anything necessary to protect people with powers. This leads to the eventual founding of The Company.

I Am Sylar

Angela has a dream while driving with Noah and Claire. The dream tells her that Nathan is in trouble.

An Invisible Thread

Angela tells Claire she must find Matt Parkman, because she had a dream where he somehow saves Nathan Petrelli. She later reveals to Matt that she dreamed he would be at the bus stop.


While being driven to a restaurant, Angela has a dream wherein Sylar greets her and acts exactly as Nathan would. Later, the dream comes true, with Sylar still looking like Nathan, although he acts like and speaks exactly as he did in the dream.

Close to You

Angela is shocked after seeing Emma Coolidge and demands to know where Peter met her. After Peter asks for a straight answer, Angela reveals she has had a dream in which Emma is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people and Peter can't save her, but someone else can. Her refusal to reveal who that is and specifics cause Peter to replicate precognitive dreaming from her and have a similar dream.

Graphic Novel: Consequences

Angela has a dream where Samuel Sullivan succeeds in destroying part of New York. She asks herself how many times they can put off the inevitable.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

In 1963, Angela, Bob, Linderman, and Charles are at Uncle Ira's bar because Angela had a dream about Chris Coolidge.

June 13th, Part One

Angela meets with Mohinder Suresh and reveals that she knows about the H.E.L.E. Angela warns that the H.E.L.E. will destroy everything and Erica Kravid will only save those she chooses which she's been planning for years. Mohinder is skeptical as it would mean that Erica knew about the H.E.L.E. before she hired him and Angela reveals she told Erica as she had a vision of it. Angela describes her vision as "fire from the sky, boiling oceans, land incinerated, Earth destroyed, toxic, dead. Game over, for all of us." Angela tells him that she also saw the evos who could save them and Mohinder realizes that Angela told Erica about that part of her vision too. Angela confirms this, stating that she'd hoped the knowledge would cause Erica to revise her plan so it would save everyone. However, Erica was just using her for her knowledge of the future. Mohinder refuses to believe Angela about Erica's intentions and leaves as Angela calls after him that if Erica locates the evos from her vision, she will kill them and destroy their only chance of stopping the H.E.L.E.

In Angela's flashback of her vision, a figure is shown standing in a desolate landscape and then touching the ground, causing grass to grow in all directions.

After Claire's death in childbirth, Angela tells Noah Bennet Claire's children are important and that she has had a vision, a prophecy about them. However, they are interrupted by Dr. Roberts before Angela can explain what she has foreseen anymore than that.

Later, Angela listens to Noah and Hiro discuss going back in time again and trying to stop the Odessa Unity Summit bombing despite Hiro insisting that its fate. Angela tells Noah that there's no changing the bombing and they need to focus on saving "what's left of the future." Noah asks what Angela has foreseen and she tells him that in a year, there will be an extinction event and only Claire's child can stop it. However, Angela is unsure which one, suggesting that it might be both of them. In order to protect the children so they can grow up and fulfill Angela's prophecy, Noah suggests sending them further back in time since Erica will be looking for a baby, not teenagers. This will also allow them to mature and be more prepared for when the time comes. When Hiro is reluctant to do so due to believing it not to be fate, Angela tells Hiro that her dreams are fate and she sees that as enough permission for them to proceed with their plan. As a result, Hiro reluctantly takes Angela and Claire's children Nathan and Malina back in time to 1999 so they can grow up and fulfill the vision.

June 13th, Part Two

After arriving in 1999, Angela realizes that her dream is being set into motion as Claire's children will be safe growing up in the past where they will never be found. However, due to Nathan's ability to absorb powers, Angela tells Hiro that the children must be raised separately so that Nathan won't take his sister's ability by accident as he did Claire's power and Hiro's.

On June 13, 2014, Noah visits Angela in Switzerland with the help of Nathan. Angela tells Noah that the night before "an old wolf wearing a crown of thorns" crept into her dreams and she realized that it meant that Noah was coming to visit. Angela tells Noah that she has been plagued with dreams lately which she describes as "fire raining down, blood everywhere and the twins saving the world under a clock tower in Odessa, its hands stuck at 11:53." Angela later tells Farah Nazan that there's another part to the dream, one that she hasn't had the heart to tell Malina about which means she and Nathan can only be brought together when the time is right.

Project Reborn

When the first wave of the H.E.L.E. arrives at 11:18am, Malina attempts to stop it, saying that if its not stopped, there won't be much of a world left to save when the time comes for Angela's dream to come true. However, Luke Collins reminds her that the dream shows her stopping the second flare at 11:53 am and sacrifices himself to buy her the needed time by flying into the flare and blowing himself up to disperse it.

As in Angela's dream, Tommy and Malina come together at 11:53 am at the Odessa Clock Tower to stop the H.E.L.E. by Tommy boosting Malina's powers. However, they are unable to control the effect and Tommy travels back to when Angela had tested his and Malina's combined powers and learns that they need a conduit for their abilities, someone willing to sacrifice themselves to save the world. Tommy rescues Noah Bennet from death two days before the present and brings him to the testing where Angela tells Rene the part of her dream she did not explain to Noah: a third faceless person with Tommy and Malina. Angela realizes that this third person is their conduit and concludes that its Noah. Tommy explains he needed Noah to see this so he would understand what he needed to do and Noah agrees to play his part in saving the world. As depicted in Angela's dream, Tommy, Malina and Noah stop the H.E.L.E. and save the world, but at the expense of Noah's life.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 4 of Operation Bad Blood, Angela tells the Pinehearst contractor that Red Eye will find Anna again, and that the player will be faced soon with a decision for which thousands of lives will rest on the player's answer. She adds that the lives will include people they both know as well as strangers. The Pinehearst contractor sees a photo of Red Eye and Anna rushing towards a dam in chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood. The contractor must then decide how to save Anna and the thousands of lives in the nearby town.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter, Angela asks the Pinehearst contractor whether he keeps a diary. The contractor says no; but later finds and hides Red Eye's diary while searching through his apartment.

The Agent

The introduction for chapter 6 of The Agent confirms that Angela Petrelli was the person discussing several dreams she had involving Rachel Mills in the previous chapter.

Jason's death scene is very similar what happens in one of the dreams:

In the dream: Jason's death:

It hurts more than I ever imagined. I look down. My hands are on my chest, even though I don't remember lowering them. I lift my fingers. The bleeding is starting, slowly.

It hurts ... so much. Yet I'm suddenly, vividly aware of the dirt digging into my knees, the cold night air, the fresh smell. I feel so alive.

"You did it," I hear myself say. "You really did it."

"I told you that I would," I hear a voice say, a woman. I look up at her. I'm trying to say something important to me, but then everything fades at last.

It hurts more than I ever imagined. I look down. My hands are on my chest, even though I don't remember lowering them. I lift my fingers. The bleeding is starting, slowly.

"You did it, I hear myself say. "You really did it."

"I told you that I would," she says.

I look up at her. Her icy expression hasn't changed, but she's crying. I want to tell her what I really think. I need her to know. But I can't remember what it was.

Everything goes black...

Rachel's detonation of the fire escape bomb also matches what happens in one of the dreams:

In the dream: Rachel's detonation:

"I can see faces, a dozen people or more, looking up at me. Men, women, a child. I'm standing slightly above them and at a distance. Maybe a hundred feet. They're waiting for me to do something. They look terrified. There's that symbol again, on a nearby crate: the hammer, with four smaller symbols around it.

"I look at my raised hand. There's a device there: a bomb detonator. I look back at the cluster of people. I feel a moment of deep sadness. But then something else: peace, at last.

"Then I press the button."

We're hanging in the air, not falling yet...

The fire escape is twenty feet below us. Agents are leaning off the top platforms and out nearby windows. Muzzle flashes reflect off the grimy alley walls. Helmets face away, down into the hellish scene below.

...we're falling now...

At the end of the alley, I can see the fugitives' pale faces, a dozen or more. Men, women, a child. They are already looking up at their attackers, so they alone see us flash out of the sky, almost as if they expected me to be there.

...passing the fire escape...

I look at the bomb detonator in my hand. Then at the agents passing around us: loyal, human, patriots, willing to kill for what they believe in. Willing to die. I feel a moment of deep sadness. But something else: peace, at last.

I let go of Klassen.

I close my eyes.

And I push the button...

Rachel's running through Building 26 is very similar to what happens in one of those dreams:

In the dream: Rachel running:

"I'm armed, and I'm in a hallway. It's a government building. Nighttime, but this building never sleeps. People move unseen in the rooms around me. There is a strained, hushed feeling. This place is at war.

"I'm running, but lightly, so I make no noise. I'm like an animal, a predator. I'm in my element.

"A man steps out of a glowing room. I shoot him without hesitation. The gun is silenced. I keep moving without even looking down at the body. I have a purpose, so powerful that I feel like it would carry me even if it was me who had just been shot.

"A light at the end of the hallway is flickering strangely: a pattern. I move toward it. There is a door there, massive and metal. I don't have the passcode. But I keep walking toward it, confidently."

I screw the silencer on as I run down the hallway.

It's evening outside, but this building never truly sleeps. People move unseen in the rooms around me. There is a strained, hushed feeling of a place at war.

I'm in combat mode now. Running lightly, gun swinging in front of me. An agent steps out of a hot room, backlighted by the orange glow. I shoot him in the head and keep moving without looking down. Get Doyle. Get out. Move on.

A light at the end of the hallway flickers: a pattern. Rebel. I move toward it. There is a door there, massive and metal. Danko has made some changes since the last time Rebel tried to break someone out of here.

That's where I come from.

Danko's conversation with a semi-conscious Rachel is very similar to what happens in one of the dreams:

In the dream: Danko's conversation:

"The light is behind his shaven head, but I can still see those piercing eyes. He is showing me something in his hand, and I'm terrified of it. I'm trying to hide the fear, but I see from his face that he knows.

"'Look at it, agent!' he says.

"'I did,' I say.

"'That's the only reaction you have?'

"'What are you going to do, sir?' I say.

"'Well, as it happens, I do have a plan.' He puts his other hand on my shoulder and looks into my face until I meet his eyes. 'Listen closely, and you can save us all.'

"Glad you could join us, Mills," Danko says. "It's time for your next mission."

The light is behind his shaven head, but I can still see those piercing eyes. He is holding a picture in my face. A woman too old to be alive, her face the color of burned bark. I close my eyes, freaked out. The drugs are making me feel hysterical.

"'Look at it, Agent!' he says.

"I did," I slur.

"That's all you've got to say?"

"What are you going to do to me?" I say.

"Well, as it happens, I do have a plan. Listen closely, and you can save us all. That's what you signed up for, right, Mills? Save the world from the monsters?"

"Give me a gun," I mumble, trying to stare him down. "I'll take one out right now."

In chapter 10 of The Agent,

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A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's sixth blog post, "The Loft", Hiro shares a page from Angela's dream journal:


A devastating night.

We lost one of our best and brightest--a tragedy, which carried on into my dreams. There's no rest for the weary, even in slumber. Whoever said prescience is a gift?

The dream:

Pulsing red light. Klaxons. White noise, and a woman in a white coat, running. Time and space are rippling, dangerous.

And a date--
January 3, 1973

All I know is something must be done to avert total disaster. Hopefully, time will tell us what must be done.

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

On September 21, 2011, Angela wakes up from a dream of a meeting she has with the President, Noah, and Erica. She realizes from the dream that the purpose of the meeting is to amend the Evo Registration Act following the murder of Jacob Kurtzberg. (Chapter 8)


  • Angela's dream in which many people are killed on Level Five (The Butterfly Effect) was originally filmed to include the deaths of Micah Sanders and Monica Dawson. This version of the scene was included in the special features of the Season Two DVD, but Micah and Monica's deaths were cut when the scene was used in the show.
  • When Angela describes her dream of the H.E.L.E. she tells Noah that she sees the twins saving the world "under a clock tower in Odessa, its hands stuck at 11:53." However, the Odessa Clock Tower has a digital clock and thus no hands to speak of. However, it should be noted that Angela's dreams are rarely literal, but are often open to figurative, symbolic, and open to interpretation.


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