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D.L. is a hero.

As the characters in Heroes discover their abilities, many of them perform heroic acts of service to others at great personal risk.

Season One Recurrences


  • Claire saves a man from a burning train car.
  • Nathan attempts to save his brother after he jumps off of a 15-story building.

One Giant Leap


Better Halves

  • After failing to save the men slaughtered at the poker game, Hiro vows to be a better hero.

Nothing to Hide

  • D.L. and Hiro work together to save a woman trapped within a burning car.

Seven Minutes to Midnight


Six Months Ago

  • Aware that he has time traveled too far, Hiro attempts to save Charlie's life anyway.


  • Faced with the risk that Sylar may take her very dangerous ability, Eden sacrifices her life.
  • Hiro, distraught at arriving too late to save the cheerleader, turns his attention to stopping an exploding man.


  • Peter tries to stop Claude from stealing a purse and a cell phone.

The Fix




Company Man



  • Isaac accepts his death at the hands of Sylar; knowing that he has passed on the secrets of defeating Sylar and preventing the explosion, his role is complete.

Five Years Gone

The Hard Part

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Season Two Recurrences

Four Months Later...



The Kindness of Strangers

Out of Time

Four Months Ago...


Season Three Recurrences

Angels and Monsters


It's Coming


A Clear and Present Danger

  • Claire tries to warn Matt of Danko's team being after him, but both are captured.
  • Claire uses an opportunity to sneak aboard Flight 195 and starts freeing evolved human prisoners.

Trust and Blood

  • Daphne is shot while trying to save the captured specials.
  • Claire takes multiple bullets for the others and doesn't try to escape to allow them to get away.
  • Noah refuses to take an opportunity to kill Peter and allows him to get away on purpose.

Building 26

Cold Wars


Shades of Gray

Cold Snap

I Am Sylar

An Invisible Thread

Season Four Recurrences



Tabula Rasa

Once Upon a Time in Texas


Brother's Keeper


  • Nathan's consciousness battles Sylar for control of Sylar's body in order to save his family and succeeds.

Let It Bleed

  • Peter rescues people taken hostage and shot at by a disgruntled worker.

Close to You

The Wall

Brave New World

  • Sylar rescues Emma from Eric Doyle.
  • Peter saves thousands of people by hitting Samuel with a flying tackle, disrupting his concentration in creating an earthquake and then entering into a terrakinetic battle with Samuel long enough for everyone to get to saftey.

Heroes Reborn Reccurrences

June 13th, Part One

June 13th, Part Two

11:53 to Odessa

Send in the Clones

Company Woman

Project Reborn

  • As the first solar flare of the H.E.L.E. approaches, Luke Collins decides to sacrifice himself to stop it to buy Malina the time she needs to meet up with her brother and save the world. Luke flies himself into the flare and detonates himself, harmlessly dissipating the flare and saving North America.
  • In the Odessa Clock Tower, Quentin Frady faces off with his sister to protect Malina. Recognizing that Phoebe is now a monster, Quentin reluctantly kills her to save Malina's life.
  • In 9972, Ren Shimosawa and Emily Duval rescue several trapped evos including Hachiro Otomo and the real Miko Otomo.
  • To rescue Tommy Clark, Ren agrees to enter the dying Evernow to save him. With the help of the Miko construct, Ren rescues Tommy from the Eternal Fortress.
  • Tommy stops time and splits himself in two so he can save both the people in the future and stop the H.E.L.E. The Tommy that remains in the future teleports everyone in the Gateway control room back to the present then uses the space-time bridge to send everyone else back, purposefully leaving Erica Kravid behind.
  • Aided by Tommy, Malina attempts to stop the H.E.L.E. but the two are unable to control their combined power. Tommy tries "a thousand times" to stop the H.E.L.E. with Malina but is unable to.
  • After traveling back in time seven years and learning he and Malina need a conduit for their powers, Tommy goes back in time two days and saves Noah Bennet's life.
  • Noah, learning that Tommy and Malina need a conduit for their powers which will be fatal to their conduit, agrees to help them even though it will cost his own life.
  • Tommy transports himself and Noah back to the Odessa Clock Tower where Noah stands as Tommy and Malina's conduit. With Tommy boosting Malina's power and Noah channeling it, the three are able to stop the second solar flare of the H.E.L.E. and save the world at the cost of Noah's life.

Noteworthy Deeds

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Some deeds need not involve notable risk to the person doing them, but still go above and beyond the norm.

Don't Look Back


  • Isaac paints new pictures intent on finding more clues to save New York City from the explosion.


Nothing to Hide


  • Claire punches Jackie in defense of an insulted Zach.
  • Simone shows an image of the missing painting to Peter, knowing it's important in his quest to save the world.




  • Hiro risks his relationship with his father and the future of his employment by helping out his sister.


Brother's Keeper

Graphic Novel Recurrences


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