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Daniel Buzzetti
Sound absorption agent.jpg
First appearance Going Postal
In-story stats
Known ability Sound absorption
Home Greely, CO
Occupation Company agent

Character History


By entering his sister Shanti's name as a password, Mohinder Suresh is able to unlock a list of evolved humans. Daniel's name is included on that list.

Graphic Novel:Going Postal

Daniel was especially recruited by the Company to capture Echo DeMille, an evolved human who was evading the Company for 13 weeks. Penny, using her mother's ability to disguise herself as Gina, prepares an ambush for Echo, supported by two other company agents and Elle. Echo finds out, and uses his screams to stun the group. However, he is unable to do so against Daniel, who seemed to be unaffected by his sonic attacks. Helpless, Echo is knocked out by him.

Later on, with the help of a sign language interpreter, he is seen on Echo's cell, explaining to Echo how his ability allows him to absorb all sounds, leaving him permanently deaf.

Our Father

While Sylar islooking through Elle's phone contacts, Daniel's name appears.

Evolved Human Abilities

Daniel's body has the ability to absorb all sound waves. While this gives him immunity against Echo's sonic attacks, it also leaves him deaf and apparently mute.

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