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Connie Logan

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Connie Logan
JB Connie.jpg
First appearance Faces, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Appearance alteration
Alias Evs Dropper
Age 43
Date of birth June 22, 1963
Place of birth Union, NJ
Residences New York, NY
Occupations Agent of the Company, former make-up artist
Significant others Julien Dumont (deceased), Julien's clone (deceased)
Child Penny Logan (deceased)

Connie Logan was an agent of the Company who had resolved to destroy it from the inside as her alias Evs Dropper. She was an evolved human with the ability to manipulate people's appearances.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 1

In Primatech Research, Connie arrives as her daughter is hitting on Thompson, Jr. When he ignores Penny to flirt with Connie, Connie introduces Penny to him as her daughter. Connie and Penny then proceed alone down a hall and Connie apologizes, and suggests her daughter improve her appearance.

Connie and Penny arrive at Bob's office, and Bob informs Penny that she can't leave her mom for a new partner. He then informs them of their next target and that the plan is to use the target's girlfriend to get close to him.

They travel by car to the target's home in Levittown, and spot the girlfriend leaving. When the target heads back inside, Connie alters her daughter's appearance to match the girlfriend's except for her clothes. After her daughter successfully impersonates the girlfriend and bags the target, Connie refuses to change back her daughter's appearance until the next morning, and claims she just wants her daughter to be happy. However, by the time the next morning comes, her daughter's appearance has already reverted to normal without Connie doing anything.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 2

At the Company firing range at Primatech Research, Connie approaches her daughter, Penny, and asks her about her night with Thompson, Jr.. She tries to convince Penny to let her alter her appearance to that of a more beautiful individual, but Penny refuses. When Thompson heads off to Levittown, Penny changes her mind, and Connie changes Penny's appearance.

Later, Connie is beckoned to a Levittown home where she jokes that Thompson will have to kill both Penny and the woman that Penny resembles. She changes Penny back to her normal self, but only under the condition that Penny admit Connie's ability is just as valuable as Penny's bagging and tagging skills.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

While training on a dummy, Connie is interrupted by the sounds of an argument, and she hears an angry Gael call evolved humans "freaks." Connie and other evolved human agents square off against their human counterparts.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

Connie joins other evolved Company agents in a brawl against human agents. She is knocked out when Thompson, Jr. opens a canister of knock out gas.

Later, Donna and Thompson see her shadowy figure in a cabin.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

At Evs Dropper's cabin, Connie points her gun at Sabine and admits that she has been acting as Evs Dropper. She says she has been planning to destroy the Company so that it doesn't come after them. Connie and Sabine fight, and Connie promises to shoot off Sabine's face if she doesn't get her hands off Connie's husband, Julien.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

Connie recalls to Sabine the defining moments of her life, beginning 20 years ago with marrying Julien, and continuing when she was a year older, when Gael visits her and Julien in the hospital after she had given birth to Penny. Two years later, Connie signs a form for Gael noting her consent for Julien's blood to be tested and so an attempt could be made to mimic Julien's ability. And after two more years, Gael tells Connie that Julien was killed. Connie then considers leaving town, but she likes seeing Julien's face. So she dates and falls in love with one of Julien's clones, who informs her that the root Julien is still alive. Connie then forces the clone to take her to him, and she visits the root Julien in his cell at Primatech Research. It is then that Connie decides to make the Company pay, and set him free.

Connie is murdered.

In the present, Sabine apologizes to Connie, saying she didn't know, and that she needs time to think. But an alarm goes off in the cabin. Connie and Sabine get inside a Hummer and begin heading down a back exit road into the woods, leading a big convoy of Hummers containing the rest of the Julien clones. Connie and her team approach a bridge. Connie orders the clones out of their vehicles and to take positions as planned. A group of the clones then blocks the road, halting the pursuit of the Company. "Donna" leads Thompson, Jr. towards Connie and the Julien clones. Thompson, Jr. shoots one of the clones, but Connie and the other clones get the jump on them and they end up all pointing guns at Thompson.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

As Connie and the clones have Thompson, Jr. surrounded, she reveals to him that "Donna" is really Penny. After a man from the Kill Squad kills Penny, Connie tells the clones to kill Fallon and his men while she tries to run. As she is escaping she is shot and killed.

Heroes Evolutions

Connie's assignment tracker case file (file: C008; password: CLql99dt) at contains a personal history for Connie:

Assignment Tracker image

New Jersey native Connie Logan achieved unique international fame as a make-up artist, sought after by high-profile clients throughout the entertainment industry for her uncanny skills with make-up and hairstyling. Logan's success was in fact the result of her post-human ability to mold human skin, hair and vocal chords at a cellular level.

Logan was brought in by her daughter Penny, a highly decorated field agent in The Company. While Logan was apprehensive, Penny initially expressed strong enthusiasm, apparently believing The Company's intent to be to isolate Logan, whose ability Penny claims to find ethically offensive. The Company's decision to instead assign Logan to Penny as her partner was made over Penny's strenuous objections.

Despite Penny's reservations, Logan quickly grasped her new role, and her deployment into the field has proven to be an unqualified success to date. By successfully changing her daughter's face for a period of 24 hours to meet missions' unique requirements, Logan has made the already highly skilled Penny an unparalleled candidate for infiltration assignments. Despite Penny's continued and outspoken reluctance towards working with her mother, they make an effective team.

The case file also includes a psychological profile:

Logan's borderline narcissistic personality disorder is evidenced by her extensive history of aggressive cosmetic surgery. In addition, her repressed but highly developed frustration regarding her inability to use her powers on herself is projected in such ways as her vehement insistence that her birth year is 1973 despite clear documentary evidence that she was born on June 22, 1963.

A number of sexual harassment complaints have been filed against Logan as a result of encounters with younger, male agents. However, it should be noted that the complaints were not filed by the agents themselves, but by Penny. After due consideration of Penny's psychological history of near-clinical resentment toward her mother, as well as Penny's repeated requests for a new partner, Human Resources has chosen not to take action on the harassment claims at this time.

Logan has exhibited borderline codependency behavior in regards to her daughter, by whom Logan claims to feel underappreciated. However, despite their personal friction, Connie and Penny Logan have continued to generate exceptional results in the field. The Company feels strongly that the Logans should remain partnered at this time.

It should be noted that the profile does not include a cranial imaging diagram, as is standard on most of the Company's Assignment Tracker 2.0 profiles.

Evolved Human Abilities

AT diagram Connie.jpg

Connie has the ability to alter the bodies of other individuals. She can change the skin, hair, and vocal cords of another person. In the only demonstration shown so far, Connie morphs her daughter's appearance by touch. Upon first touch, her daughter's hair color is altered. Then, she smooths out her daughter's face and rebuilds it like someone else's as if it were clay putty in her hands. The end result is giving her daughter an exact copy of another girl's physical appearance except for the clothes she is wearing. It is unknown the extent to which Connie can "sculpt" an appearance to her own imagination.

According to her assignment tracker profile, at, Connie's control index is 55%. Her data analysis shows her biological level at 30, cerebral at 80, elemental at 55, and temporal/spatial at 10.


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