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Circus, Part 2
The Big Top
Web. #: 18
Released: August 14, 2022
Anna wrestles with a shocking twist at the circus.


  • Anna protects the circus performers from Danko's team.
  • Linda decides to take action.



Anna sits in silence with the circus performers in a cellar as Building 26 agents are searching the tent above. Anna checks her watch and sighs, holding her cell phone in one hand and the battery in another. Barbara lies down with her eyes closed, but they open up suddenly with a jolt as a loud noise is heard upstairs. The man with the crazy grin is sitting next to her while smiling. He is wearing a straitjacket which changes into a tuxedo.

Linda, sitting next to Anna, commenting that Anna must be the Amazing A in LAWR, the name that Howie came up with. Anna asks if she knows about the group, and Linda replies that she is L. Linda continues that Anna has been her delivery girl for months, though it feels like years to her. Anna asks why Rebel brought them together if it was dangerous for them to meet in person in case one of them got caught. Linda replies that they are just getting started. She explains that Rebel contacted her, and that she used to run a delivery buisness. Rebel asked her to hide fugitives in warehouses and trucks across the country, and he contacted Anna to be the "delivery girl"—a cute blonde that every frightened fugitive would trust. Another noise is heard upstairs, and Anna explains that Rebel wouldn't let the agents hurt them, but Linda points out that they are not Rebel's only crew, and that Anna might join the "varsity team" someday if she eats her Wheaties.

Anna checks her watch again and snaps her battery into her phone, and Rebel texts to hang on and that it isn't clear yet. Anna says to Linda that both Rebel and Rachel will not let them get caught. Linda suddenly becomes silent, as age-lines begin deepening in her face, making her suddenly appear much older. Then, Linda tells everyone to get up and says they are getting out of there.

Memorable Quotes

"So basically, we're FedEx for fugitives, huh?."

- Anna

"Maybe if you eat your Wheaties, you'll get to join the varsity team someday."

- Linda

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