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Eco absorption

Jak manifests his light form.
Held by: Jak (synthetic)
Ability to: Absorb the energy from light or dark Eco in order to change forms

Eco absorption is the ability to absorb the energy from light or dark Eco and then use the energy to change forms.


Jak was granted this ability synthetically from experiments performed on him by Baron Praxis.


Jak was synthetically given this ability as a result of the Eco testing performed on him during his time in prison.

Dark form

Jak's dark form is capable of an array of attacks, most of which involve some form of dark Eco discharge. In addition to extreme physical strength and agility, Jak realizes that , while in this form, he is able to cause a shockwave of Eco ("Dark Bomb"), discharge Eco in electrical arcs ("Dark Blast), remain immune to physical harm, grow to a tremendous size and remain invisible for short amounts of time.

Light form

While in his light form, Jak flaunts several abilities, mainly focusing around protection and defense. While in this form, Jak can convert light Eco to regenerate health, slow down time, create a shield on light around himself and use his wings for flight.

Memorable Quotes

"The Baron pumped our boy here full of Dark Eco, and it did something to him. Now he's got super moves or something...and a few anger issues as well."

- Daxter


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