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Ability name selection

Every time an ability is improperly named, Matt gets a nosebleed.

Ability naming is to be done carefully and with premeditation.


Follow these guidelines when naming an ability which was not explicitly named in canon continuity.


"Enhanced" is the prefix used when one of the users' systems is greater than the normal limits.


"-Kinesis" the most commonly suggested name for any ability under the sun, hence why it is at the top of this list. Contrary to popular belief, one can't simply add the "-kinesis" suffix to the end of any Latin/Greek prefix and create an accurate name for an ability. In reality, this system almost never works. Anywho, -kinesis is used when the user manipulates something

  • Pyrokinesis, the ability to create and manipulate fire.
  • Telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the mind.

Mimicry is used when the user takes on the characteristics of another person or thing.

-Pathy is a suffix used when the user can communicate with an outside entity.

Manipulation is used when the user can control other things.

Emission is the suffix used when the user of an ability expels a substance or force from their body.

Absorption is the suffix used when the user affects an outside force by drawing it into their own body.

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