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Jaden Silas
In-story stats
Known abilities Selective mimicry
Known abilities mimicked:
Knowledge mimicry,
Imperceptibility ,
Atomic mimicry,
Electrical absorption,
Paralysis induction,
Space-time manipulation
Formal name Jaden Silas
Alias Psilaq
Nickname Backwash
Age 17
Date of birth September 10, 1994
Place of birth Indianapolis, IN
Home Chicago, IL
Residence The Silases' residence
Sibling Kelsey Silas(younger sister)

Jaden Silas is a middle school student living in Chicago. He is also an evolved human with an the ability to selectively mimic others' powers.


There is really nothing interesting about this kid, except that he has several kick-awesome powers.


When Jaden first learned of his gift, he was ecstatic and was determined on someday traveling the world to absorb every ability he could. Since he cannot achieve that goal yet, he settles for searching out specials in his own region. Jaden is able to find people with special abilities by using the first power he absorbed, Mr. Cowell's Knowledge mimicry ability. If he likes their power, he then uses his innate power to absorb their ability.
Jaden seems to have advanced control over all of his abilities the moment he demonstrates them. For example, three days after he got his ability to absorb electricity, he was targeted by two men who claimed they only wanted to help him. When Jaden started to run off, one of the agents flew in front of him and held out a taser. When he fired it, Jaden absorbed the charge and subsequently intensified and released it out of either hand, knocking out each agent. Jaden decided to then mimic the agent's ability and flies away.
Jaden later decides to fly to New York City to see the sights. While there, he has a vision of the memories of a bespectacled man, learning he has the incredible ability to control time and teleport. Without him knowing, Jaden "borrows" his power.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jaden's innate ability is Selective mimicry, the ability to absorb other powers through force of will. His ability comes with the side abilities to both enhance and nullify others' abilities.
Known Abilities
So far, Jaden has gained:

Jaden is far more advanced than most of his sources are with their abilities when he absorbs them. For example, he can make any object in his sight invisible at will with no physical contact, while his sister must actively concentrate to do so.


  • A black Nintendo DS Lite- Used between world-savings


  • Jaden has a naturally occurring blond patch in his hair. No one in the world (or at least his school) understands how it is a birthmark and NOT a freak hair dyeing accident.
  • Jaden speaks a basic amount of Spanish

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