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Paralysis induction
Originally held by: Unnamed Mugger
Absorbed by: Jaden Silas
Ability to: Temporarily paralyze any living subject through physical contact.


A Chicago mugger had this ability
Jaden Silas has mimicked it.


The ability allows the user to temporarily shut down the nervous system of any living subject. While they are paralyzed, they cannot be harmed seemingly no matter what happens around them. Users of this ability are not immune when another with this ability attempts to use it on them, as seen when Jaden attacked his mugger.

Jaden’s mugger

The mugger uses this ability to paralyze Jaden in an alley in order to steal his wallet

Jaden Silas

Jaden has only used this ability once, but he seems to know how to utilize it perfectly from the moment he absorbs it. He uses his newly acquired ability to paralyze the mugger and subsequently fry him.

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