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First appearance Intro
In-story stats
Known ability Electrokinesis
Age 22
Occupation Student at CVCC
Significant other Allyn
Parents Unnamed father,
Unnamed mother

William is a main character in Heroes: The Game, serving as the protagonist, hero, and player-controlled character.

William is an adventurous 22-year-old student at Costa Verde Community College. He rents an apartment in Lime Hill, and dates a girl named Allyn.


According to William's father, his mother disappeared after his birth. William had a typical childhood, yet his father was never caring and protective of him. Upon graduating from high school, William moved to Lime Hill, and cut off contact with his father.

Currently, William is a senior at Costa Verde Community College, and is in a relationship with a smart girl named Allyn. He also regularly spends time with Phil McKaden, a good friend. His main means of transport is his bicycle.

Evolved Human Abilities

As of Out on the Town, William has demonstrated the ability of electrokinesis once. He created an energy blast in a moment of heightened agitation. Prior to this, William had been feeling strangely powerful and energized.

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