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Team Pinehearst
Pinehearst card.jpg
The Pinehearst contact card.

Team Pinehearst is a project which features several stories in the Exposed future focusing on the team seen in I Am Become Death. The primary characters are for now, Claire, Daphne, Knox, the Haitian, Matt and Nathan.

It is, at this stage, only written by SylarMonroe.

Volume One: Protocol

Welcome to Pinehearst

Chapter One -- Welcome to Pinehearst
Release Date: June 2, 2009
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In the year 2009, Pinehearst enters a dangerous time as people with abilities become more and more dangerous. With Daphne still examining the Sylar case, Knox and Claire turn their attention to finding order in an organisation which has been hit by several problems in the past year, but when someone strikes at the heart of the group, everything is put in danger...

Main Characters


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