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User:SylarMonroe/Team Pinehearst/Story:Welcome to Pinehearst

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SylarMonroe/Team Pinehearst/Story:Welcome to Pinehearst
Statue in front of Pinehearst building.jpg
Pinehearst's exterior, featured heavily in this chapter.

First mentioned: June 2, 2009
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Story Development

Claire Bennet · Knox · Nathan Petrelli · Genetic modification formula · Daphne Millbrook · Matt Parkman · Sylar case · Molly Walker · Turtle · Super speed · Rapid cell regeneration · Caretaker · Clairsentience · Ability replication · Pinehearst cells · Fletch · Laser emission · The Haitian · Carla Klaus · Enhanced strength · Roach


In the Pinehearst Headquarters, Knox approaches Claire asking what is wrong, but she denies this. Knox can tell she's scared of something and distressed, and she tells him it's because Sylar has torn her life away, villains are running free and people are trying to kill her dad. Knox questions whether he should refer to him as President yet but Claire says he hasn't won. Knox believes he will though, but doesn't like him.

At Washington DC, Nathan is having an election speech, confident of winning with Pinehearst backing him. When asked about the evolved human situation by a reporter, Nathan reminds them he has abilities. He tells them he understands why they don't trust evolved humans because of people like Sylar and Adam Monroe's acts which endangered several people. He can't confirm Sylar's status however. Nathan tells them they need the formula to stop people like Sylar, as even though it is dangerous it can be used against the villains. Nathan says he is going to create a race of people with abilities to take on threats like Sylar to help defend. This is met with fear from the crowd, including a female reporter who says he'll kill everyone. He replies that mainstream and selective use of the formula is necessary however to stop threats, which is met with even more fear.

In their apartment, Daphne turns the television off having watched Nathan's speech, disgusted at Sylar's name. Matt enters with his turtle and asks her how she is. She says she's annoyed about Sylar, but Matt tells her to stop as Molly has entered the room, but she doesn't mind. Daphne talks about Nathan's plan again, though Matt says she signed up to Pinehearst because of it, and says they could finally stop Sylar. Daphne says he always comes back somehow though, as she's studied his several "deaths" during the case.

Memorable Quotes

"If you’re going to start about the formula then I don’t want to hear it, I’ve had to read through fifty-seven death threats from people, including a politician in Seattle. The plan goes ahead."

"That's not very status quo."

- Nathan Petrelli, Claire

Character Appearances


  • There is no confirmation of the fates of Sylar, Peter Petrelli or Noah Bennet in this chapter, though it is heavily implied the latter is deceased.
  • iStory character Carla Klaus appears in this chapter, the first case of a crossover from iStory to the main series with Carla having appeared in the first volume of iStory, Friend or Foe.
  • Claire's hair remains blonde, despite her appearing with dark brown hair in I Am Become Death.