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Derek Graham
Derek Graham.jpg
Portrayed by Matt O'Leary
In-story stats
Known ability Vampire mimicry
Formal name Brian Patrick O'Neil
Alias Derek Graham
Nickname Derry
Date of birth 1989
Place of birth New York City
Home New York City
Residence an apartment building in New York City

Derek Graham is an evolved human with the power of becoming a "vampire".

Character History

Derek Graham had been born as Brian Patrick O'Neil and lived in New York City for the better part of his childhood. However, around his sixteenth birthday, he would find out that he was someone that was special and could do extraordinarily things that he himself thought to be possible in comic books and in films. Brian had been gifted with the ability of vampirism, but with this great power had greater problems.

What looked to be the start of a normal adolescence phase in his life, Brian's behavior was starting to become more violent. There would be days where his mind "blacked out" and found himself drinking human blood when he had snapped out of the blacked out daze. During high school, however, Brian started to hone in on his power, using the strength part of it to defend himself. However when the high school's bullies began to turn up with broken bones and their testimonials from the bullies against him including them saying Brian having violent fits of rage, he was force to abandon his life and become someone else.

Using enough of his money he had saved up over the years, Brian created another name for himself, Derek Graham, and began to live in New York City, but by night he's vampiric instincts occur and he is force to become a monster. One night, he had walked towards Kirby Plaza and witnessed a big explosion in the sky and was stunned by it before walking away and minding his own business.

Evolved Human Abilities


Derek is able to become a "vampire", allowing him to feed off of human blood and making him stronger. The power has byproducts ranging from: to become faster, heal from any wounds, take flight into the air and hover, having great vision and hearing, and being incredibly durable.

However he needs to feed off of human blood to keep him active; he describes it as almost like taking a drug. Whatever he doesn't get any type of blood within his system, he would feel like he would start to become weaken and he could die like any other person would, but in actuality a vampiric form of primal instincts occur and making him more of a savage and also making him more of a psychopath.