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Vampire mimicry
Held by: Derek Graham
Ability to: To become a vampire

Vampire mimicry is the ability to "become" a vampire, without being infected as shown in the films.



Derek is able to become a vampire, allowing him to feed off of human blood and making him stronger. The power has byproducts ranging from: to become faster, heal from any wounds, take flight into the air and hover, having great vision and hearing, and being incredibly durable.

However the person needs to feed off human blood in order to keep active; Derek Graham describes it as almost like taking a drug. Whatever he doesn't get any type of blood within his system, he would feel like he would start to become weaken and he could die like any other person would. In actuality a vampiric form of primal instincts occur and making the person become more of a savage and also making him more of a psychopath.