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Harvey Jeffries
Harvey Jeffries.jpg
Portrayed by None
In-story stats
Known ability Acceleration Manipulation
Nicknames Harvey, Harv
Age 34
Date of birth 1975
Place of birth New York, NY
Home Formerly, New York, NY Current, London, England
Residence Harvey's Apartment
Occupations Formerly, freelance computer repairman.
Significant other None

Formerly: Hana Gitelman (Possibly unrequited) (Deceased)

Formerly: Unnamed Girlfriend (Deceased)
Parent Unknown
Grandparent Unknown
Sibling None

Harvey Jeffries is an evolved hero living in Jacksonville, FL. He was a freelance computer repairman and knows much about computers. He has the ability to accelerate and decelerate objects and people. In addition, he can use this power with pinpoint accuracy.


Early Life

As a Child

Harvey Jeffries was born to ex-hippies as a result of failed birth control. To support his unexpected family, Harvey's father began doing menial labor--primarily construction, janitorial, and other low-paying jobs. His father also became addicted to alcohol at this point, and began beating and berating his wife and child. To escape these destructive effects, Harvey taught himself to predict when his father was drunk and to stay away until this dangerous time passed. Harvey spent this time on the streets, struggling to survive. It is these two combined factors that give Harvey his obsession with keeping himself alive.

Power Discovery

Harvey Jeffries discovered his powers when his former girlfriend broke up with him just as he was about to propose. He had prepared a wonderful lunch, and the eclipse overhead was perfect for effect. The string quartet was playing "their song". Just as he was fingering the ring in his pocket, about to kneel, his girlfriend announced that it was over. He sent a fork through her heart and ran off. The management of the restaurant has given up looking for the fork, which is somewhere in Greenland.


The First Day of the Rest of His Life

After killing his girlfriend, Harvey repented, but was afraid of governmental retribution. Therefore, he hid in a run-down apartment in an unnamed ghetto. Due to boredom and incredible computer skills, Harvey spent his time looking for other instances of people like him. He eventually contacted the digitized Hana Gitelman, who showed him Primatech's website, and gave him the initial passwords to access the Assignment Tracker. They became close friends, but Hana soon broke off the relationship, shortly before entering the Primatech mainframe. Harvey devoted most of his time after that to following the movements of Sylar, and is an authority on the psychopathic killer.

Escape From Danko (Short Story)

Danko and Sylar came after Harvey in his apartment early on. Harvey confronted them and escaped.

See User:Uncanny474/Harvey Jeffries/Escape from Danko for the full story.

Time in Ireland

Harvey spent a good deal of his time away from Danko and Nathan on the island of Ireland. There, he picked up a few habits, besides spending most of his time either drunk or hung over.

RP/Heroes: Survival History

Uncanny474 and Harvey

When Harvey heard of the government operation against the heroes being disbanded, he returned to New York, but had a hard time fitting in. He put out feelers to get a hold on life and ended up contacting a person called Uncanny474. Uncanny474 is a rich and powerful eccentric who is fascinated with evolved humans, and who has made protecting and assisting Harvey his #1 priority. Harvey asks him for advice and information via cell phone, and Uncanny474 usually provides.


Uncanny474 eventually led Harvey to the StreetLife faction, of which he is a prominant member. At different times, he has worked on uncovering a fake REBEL, and taken place in a deadly race.

Abilities and Talents

Harvey Jeffries has the ability to accelerate and decelerate objects and people. His control of this ability is limited, however.

Harvey possesses a great knowledge of both hardware and software for PC's and MAC's, and a limited knowledge of nonstandard computers and operating systems.

Harvey is very good at knowing when someone is drunk, and usually tries to avoid them if possible.

Personality and Traits

Harvey has an accelerated survival complex. Harvey does anything and everything in his power to survive. He is paranoid, untrusting, and unforgiving of betrayal. He is also very loose on what constitutes "betrayal", and acts on his own code. Harvey is willing to go to any lengths, including mass murder or similar horrible crimes, to save his own life. There has never and will never be anyone who Harvey values more than himself.


Harvey's Computer

Harvey carries a heavily modded Acer TravelMate 4730. It has all the latest gadgets and has been expanded because of the lack of room. It now has almost a TB of memory, the latest graphics card, and several other enhancements.

Ball Bearings

Ever since Harvey learned about his powers, he has carried around ball bearings which, when accelerated, make perfect (and innocuous) weapons. He constantly polishes and maintains them, and has an almost unlimited supply in his pockets.

Cell Phone

Harvey carries around a standard cell phone, which he uses to contact uncanny474 for advice and help. It is not special in any way, except that he has hacked it so that he has free cell phone service and coverage almost anywhere on the planet (except in places where no carrier gives coverage, i.e. the middle of a jungle, underwater, etc.).

Assignment Tracker

See User:Uncanny474/Harvey Jeffries/Assignment Tracker for his Assignment Tracker Profile

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