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Acceleration manipulation
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Held by: Harvey Jeffries
Ability to: control acceleration

Acceleration manipulation is the ability to accelerate and decelerate objects and people.



Harvey Jeffries has showed several offensive techniques, both in accelerating mundane objects (like forks) to incredible speeds and by turning opponents weapons on themselves. He tends to use ball berings as his main weapons, although anything is a weapon to him.

Harvey has trouble accelerating large objects, like cars, newsstands, and anything "attached" to the ground or something else (roofs, benches, other such objects). It occasionally happens that such objects cannot be accelerated or decelerated.


Harvey Jeffries also uses this ability to slow down bullets, tasers, and all other objects heading towards him. He stops deadly weapons in midair. This ability is active, so he cannot stop things he doesn't know about, but he tries to be aware of the entire situation at all times.

Harvey has also been known to create a "deceleration dome", in which he decelerates everything thrown at him. This takes an immense amount of concentration and, therefore, is usually done to provide a "meat shield" for partners. As Harvey has worked alone, mostly, and because the dome stops his allies weapons as well as his enemies, he has rarely used this aspect.


Harvey Jeffries has used this ability to travel, even between different continents. By accelerating upwards in a way that cancels out or is greater than his downward acceleration, Harvey can rise into the air. He can also accelerate his body around the world, allowing him to, essentially, fly.

He does, however, have limits on this aspect of his ability. He cannot go too fast, or the high speed will cause him to either pass out, fall, and probably die, or to have the clothes and, eventually, flesh ripped from his face and body.

When Harvey Jeffries flies, he tends to hold his arms out behind him, with the palms facing back. If he needs to go up or down, he points his hand opposite of the way he needs to go. This is not necessary, however, but is his preferred method of travel. He could fly in the fetal position, but it isn't very dignified.


Harvey is only able to use this power within a 10 foot globe eminating from his solar plexus, so he must be close to a person to use this power.

Harvey cannot decelerate objects with large amounts of mass as well as objects with small amounts of mass (bullets are easier to stop than trucks). This causes him to seek alternative solutions to such problems (e.g. flying out of the way of a thrown car instead of attempting to decelerate it). Trying to move large things tends to make his nose bleed, as his body strains too hard and tears itself apart. He also cannot (under normal circumstances) move objects that are attached to or part of larger objects, except in directions they were meant to move (e.g., he could open a car door, but not rip it from its hinges). The difficulty varies with the level of attachment, but is always high.

In addition, Harvey must be able to see (or otherwise sense) the object in question in order to be able to affect it. For instance, Harvey could not affect somebody who was hiding. Likewise, he cannot affect subatomic particles by themselves--only as part of a larger substance.