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Wade Winslow

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Wade Winslow
Portrayed by Wade Harlan
First appearance Turn and Face the Strange
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2007
Home Newark, NJ
Residences 673 E 68th St. in Newark, NJ
Occupation Agent of Building 26
Child Unnamed children

Wade Winslow is an agent of Building 26.

Character History

Turn and Face the Strange

Wade, a member of Agent Donner's team, completes a mission and is congratulated by Donner (who is actually Sylar in Donner's form) on a job well done. When Noah arrives and holds the fake Donner at gunpoint, Wade draws his gun on Noah. After Noah shoots the fake Donner and runs, Danko orders Wade and the other team members to go after Noah.

Graphic Novel:Ice Queen, Part 1

In New Jersey, in his house, Wade sits in a hot tub smoking a cigar when the tip freezes. Tracy approaches Wade, her hands frozen commenting on how easy he made it for her.

Graphic Novel:Ice Queen, Part 2

Wade is completely frozen by Tracy, who recalls Wade's inhumane treatment of her back in Building 26. Tracy hopes that Wade's kids find his body.


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