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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 4 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

Jason Pierce has begun to see a strange pattern of behavior in his partner, Rachel Mills. After encountering Alex's father, Jason and Rachel search sectors of Costa Verde with spotty video and satellite surveillance until the still-dark hours of early morning. They then head to a motel and Rachel falls asleep on her bed. After the sun has come up, Rachel is awakened by Jason screaming at her from the doorway of their adjoining rooms. Rachel asks Jason what his problem is and he turns, heads back into his room and shuts the door. Rachel then realizes she is soaked with sweat, must have been dreaming again, and must have yelled.

Later, Rachel and Jason have bagels for breakfast at a table outside a small bakery. Rachel begins to say how they think they should proceed, but Jason interrupts her and says she said something in her sleep.

Options (I)

The player then gets to choose what Rachel says in reply.

All cases (II)

After Rachel directs Jason drive them about ten minutes through Costa Verde, Jason begins asking where they are going. However, Rachel says they are already where she wants to go and instructs Jason to park the car on the corner after making the next right turn. A half-block away, Jason spots a pool-cleaning van parked across the street from the Bennets' house and realizes where they are. He begins to Rachel if they should be there, but she tells him to be quiet and he does so. Rachel and Jason then approach the van on foot, and Rachel slaps her ID onto the van's window bringing to attention the two agents inside. Rachel says that they will take the current shift, and the two agents agree to take a break and leave.

While watching the Bennets' home from inside the van, Jason asks if Rachel thinks Claire is hiding Alex. Rachel replies that she does, noting that since Alex's apartment is still locked down and they have his car, he needs to be either hiding nearby or vanished into thin air. Jason responds that Alex wouldn't be the first of them to do exactly that, but Rachel insists that Claire has got him. Jason then suggests that they go "rattle the cage" and Rachel agrees with doing so.

As Rachel and Jason cross the street towards the Bennet house, they both see a curtain move inside and comment that the Bennets see them coming. Jason adds that he is going around back and Rachel agrees to let him in when she gets inside. After Rachel bangs on the front door, she is let inside and allows Jason to enter from the back as planned. Claire Bennet then tells them that they shouldn't be there. Rachel turns around in the kitchen and looks at her, and thinks she looks fearful. Rachel then tells Claire that she knows Alex is there, but refers to him only as "he".

A moment later, Jason returns from searching upstairs and says that area is clear. Rachel spots Claire glance at her adopted mother, Sandra, and reads their faces. She then turns around and sees that a door leading to the pantry was behind her.

Options (II)

The player is given the option for Rachel to enter the pantry or interrogate Claire.

All cases (III)

A couple hours later, the sun has gone down and Rachel and Jason are again watching the Bennet house in the pool cleaning van. Jason has started to say something a couple times, but stopped himself before doing so. Now, Jason is starting to get restless and Rachel spots Claire's car pull out into the street. Rachel sees blonde hair in the driver's seat and a hooded, slumped figure in the passenger's. Jason and Rachel then rush out of their van and jump in front of the car before it can leave. Then, the driver's window comes down and Rachel realizes she is aiming a flashlight at Sandra Bennet. Beside Sandra, the hooded male looks up, and Rachel sees that it is Claire's brother, Lyle. Sandra tells Rachel she is taking her son to the movies, and Rachel realizes she is being played. Suddenly, dogs start barking behind the Bennet house.

Options (III)

The player is given to the option for Rachel to race toward the noise or tell Sandra to call Claire.

All cases (IV)

Rachel arrives and searches around a blue-glowing pool. The area around the pool is very quiet until Jason radios Rachel that he thinks he sees them at the end of the street. Rachel and Jason rush to the end of the street, but don't find anyone. After retracing their steps for an hour, they head back to the van. Jason recommends backing off before Senator Petrelli learns what is going on, but gets interrupted when the mission laptop suddenly signals a new message has arrived. The laptop is between the seats, pointed in Rachel's direction, and she sees another message from REBEL asking for help and warning Rachel that a man might give away her secret.

Jason then grabs the laptop before Rachel can stop him, and asks about what he finds. He turns the laptop back towards Rachel and she sees that REBEL's message is now showing as a bunch of garbled text. Rachel tells Jason to contact headquarters and tell them to resend the data. When Jason turns away to do so, a new message appears at the bottom of the screen, "HERE'S HOW TO READ IT".

Rachel reads REBEL's instructions to "BREAK EACH LINE AT 60 CHARACTERS" and when she does so the line wrap she notices the text is an ASCII photo of Eric Doyle. She whispers aloud Eric Doyle's name and that it's unbelievable, but Jason doesn't understand what she says. Jason tells Rachel that headquarters is resending, that a new tip came in a few minutes ago, and now they have direct orders to move out. Rachel is surprised that headquarters actually was trying to send a message, but says only "okay" and stares back at the laptop screen.

Next Week on iStory

The chase begins, and the target is someone with whom Rachel, REBEL, and Danko all have recent history...

Rachel must work with REBEL again or her secret could be exposed...

But a fateful surprise encounter will finally push Rachel past her limits...

Meanwhile, REBEL reaches out for help...


  • There are multiple paths among the first options for Rachel to learn that Jason thinks she has PTSD, but the most cooperative approach (and therefore optimal since they are partners) is Option 1A.1B.1A where Rachel directly inquires about what Jason knows and claims to not know what he is talking about until he explains about the disorder. Rachel needs to follow Option 2A.1 and Option 3A to follow the actual storyline events. The other paths are presented as being imagined by Rachel, and lead to non-optimal results such as Claire discovering Rachel's secret or Jason getting shot.
  • Combining only the lowercase letters in the garbled text forms a hidden message, "GET TO HIM FIRST RACHEL". Arranging the letters to wrap correctly forms an ASCII picture of Eric Doyle:


  • In the original version of chapter 404, released March 3, 2009, the chapter ended with REBEL about to explain to Rachel how to reach a secret message and the following prompt:
Coming Soon

Rachel learns the identity of her next target: someone with whom she, REBEL, and Danko all have recent history.

Rachel must work with REBEL again or her secret could be exposed...

But a fateful surprise encounter will finally push Rachel past her limits...

  • On Friday, March 6, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 404 continued with REBEL's explanation.

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