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Abby Collins

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Abby Collins
Portrayed by Moira Kelly
First appearance Building 26
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupations Presidential Representative,
Building 26 Official,
Agent of Homeland Security

Abby Collins is an agent of the Department of Homeland Security who served as one of the President's representatives to the Building 26 task force, and was granted authority over Senator Nathan Petrelli. Initially skeptical of the existence of evolved humans, Abby has now been swayed to aid Petrelli's plans.

Character History

Building 26

Abby Collins meets Nathan and Danko in Building 26. She informs them that their operation is worrying the President's handlers, and Homeland Security are now overseeing their team. Danko resents the intrusion of another bureaucrat, while Nathan suggests a tour and explains that his funding request is to be spent on a reinforced prison for their highly dangerous inmates. She responds mockingly, calling evolved humans "magic" and doubting the existence of time travel and mind reading. Nathan says he would prefer to speak to the President directly, but she tells him that she's his new boss and demands to see the prisoner that Nathan is keeping without warrant. She is taken to meet Tracy Strauss, who is shackled to a chair in a room full of heaters. Abby knows Tracy as a lobbyist and is shocked to see her in chains. She storms out, declaring that his operation will be shut down and that she is filing a complaint against Nathan for human rights violations. Nathan protests and tries to talk her round, then an alarm sounds: Tracy has escaped and taken a hostage. Abby watches in horror as Tracy freezes him and he shatters against the wall. After Tracy is recaptured, Abby tells Nathan he can have all the funding he needs.

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