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Homeland Security

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Homeland Security
Location: Washington, DC
Purpose: Law enforcement
First appearance Don't Look Back
Known leaders: Future Matt Parkman,
Abby Collins,
Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Emile Danko
Known members: Noah Bennet (defected),
Danko's team,
Gibson (deceased),
Kent Harper (deceased),
Howard Lemay,
Rachel Mills (defected),
Future Matt's team,
Daniel Simmons (deceased),
Jason Pierce (deceased),
et al.
Affiliated sites: Homeland Security building
Equipment used: Guns, tasers, armor, gloves, choke collars

The Department of Homeland Security is a federal agency responsible for security within the borders of the United States.


Don't Look Back

Isaac wakes up after painting the explosion on the floor of his apartment and tells Simone that they have to warn someone, suggesting that they contact Homeland Security.

Nothing to Hide

Tom McHenry congratulates Matt Parkman on his FBI bust in the "Homeland Security collar."

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Audrey warns Matt that after an hour of interrogation with Ted, he will be sent "down the rabbit hole" as a suspected terrorist by Homeland Security.

Five Years Gone

In a potential future, Matt Parkman is the director of Homeland Security. In Isaac's apartment, Hiro and Ando are talking with Future Hiro when Matt and his team storm in. Hiro is captured by Matt and held in a Homeland Security facility in New York. Matt personally interrogates Hiro and determines that he has no memory of the events of the past five years.

Later, Matt and his team go to Odessa to capture Future Hiro and Ando, only to be thwarted by Peter. Matt meets Bennet. They discuss their involvement in an underground railroad for evolved humans. Mr. Bennet finds Hana Gitelman's dead body behind a desk. Matt remarks that Bennet's tip failed to pan out, and since he can't go back empty handed he is ending their arrangement. Matt reads Bennet's mind to find the location of Claire, killing him afterwards. Matt locates Claire at the Burnt Toast Diner and delivers her to President Nathan Petrelli, unknowing that Nathan is really Sylar.

Matt goes to the Homeland Security facility where he meets with the Haitian, who works for him and is ensuring Hiro's safety by blocking use of powers on that floor. Nathan sends his Chief Medical Advisor Mohinder Suresh to execute Hiro, and Mohinder enters the room where Hiro is being held by the Haitian.

Peter, Ando and Future Hiro break into the Homeland Security facility to rescue Hiro. Setting off the guards' alarm, Matt and his team are alerted to their attempt and guard the elevators. But when Mohinder decides to kill the Haitian instead of Hiro; Peter, Ando and Future Hiro are able to teleport to the floor bypassing Matt and his team. Matt realizes what has happened and shoots Future Hiro before Peter can get the door closed. When they are unable to enter the room, Matt calls the President and tells him his brother is blocking the door. The President arrives and drags Peter through the door. While Sylar keeps Peter occupied, Matt's team continues to try to enter but Mohinder holds the door closed long enough for Hiro and Ando to teleport back to present time.

The Line

Peter and Caitlin, arriving in a desolate Times Square, when Peter picks up an evacuation order. It says that Homeland Security has ordered an evacuation on June 14, 2008.

Out of Time

Peter, captured while wandering the desolate streets of New York in the future by a CDC hazmat crew, meets with Howard Lemay, a Homeland Security agent who is working with the CDC to stop the spread of the Shanti virus. Howard shows Peter's death certificate to Peter and asks how he is in New York and why he isn't infected. When Peter asks where Caitlin is Howard tells her she's been deported to Ireland since she isn't American. He goes on to tell Peter about the virus and how it has killed 93% of the world's population. He shows Peter a room full of dead bodies, telling him, "It's been a tough week."

Later, Howard arranges a meeting for Peter with his mother, Angela Petrelli, who helps him remember his past.

A Clear and Present Danger

Nathan is mentioned as the Chairman of Homeland Security while on television in Tracy's house about ending terrorism. Tracy is suddenly attacked by Building 26 agents and they succeed by darting her. As they cuff her, the "Hunter" takes off the disguise and calls Nathan saying, "We have the first one." Later, with the help of Mr. Bennett in pursuit of him, he and his team capture Mohinder. Then, without Danko, they capture Claire and Matt Parkman with tranquilizer darts. They make an effort to capture Sylar in which all but Agent Daniel Simmons are killed. Nathan arrives at his brother Peter's apartment and asks him to trust him, but Nathan tasers Peter and captures him anyway. Danko rounds up his targets, and keeps them drugged, goggled, cuffed, and tied up. He forces them onto a plane, which later crashes.

Turn and Face the Strange

Mohinder returns to his father's apartment to find it empty. The landlord tells him that Chandra's files were taken by Homeland Security agents, who told him he should call them if Mohinder or Matt showed up.

I Am Sylar

Sylar is now working for Homeland Security and disguises as an agent after managing to kill a shape shifter. He also manages to acquire a new ability from Tom Miller. Elsewhere, Ando and Hiro plan to break down the main headquarters of Homeland Security. They do manage to kill some of its agents and our on there way.

Sylar then plans to take the power of Rebel himself. After finding him, he shape-shifts as him and drives agents away. After being shot and falling into the water, he realizes that Rebel's power is too great for him and decides not to take or kill him.

After both Matt Parkman returns home with his son, agents show up but are unable to capture the two since the older Matt Parkman uses telepathy to trick the agents into thinking that they are not there.

An Invisible Thread

Homeland Security does manage to capture Noah. Later, Sylar and Danko are at Nathan's office where they have subdued Nathan. Sylar has his own plans for Nathan but Danko would rather die than help him. Disguised Sylar as Danko shoots incoming agents. He shape shifts into Agent Taub and helps arrest Danko.

Hiro and Ando break out Mohinder and other evolved humans from Building 26. Danko breaks out with the help of Mr. Bennet, but Danko prepares to hit Noah with a tranquilizer dart but Hiro takes it and stabs him with it instead.

"Nathan" later asks the President to shut down Building 26 and succeeds.

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